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Newbie here

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick intro. Im Alex and im a male teenager living in UK, who has just been diagnosed with lupus. In fact, I havent even got my results back from my skin biopsy (getting stitches out on Xmas day - lucky me :p)

I just want to say this site has some great info, greatly appreciated :)

Alex aka filmguy
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Welcome Alex 8)

I have skin problems as well which were horrible by the time I was diagnosed. It seemed like only days after starting plaquenil that everything began healing for me. Except for flares, it's under control now. As for the tiredness, most of us are stuck with that one. I hope you get everything ironed out soon and get the proper treatment you need, it will help a bunch! Take care and keep us posted. :)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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