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I want to start by saying I finally have an appt with a Rheumatologist on Sept 1st and hopefully I will get some answers there. I wanted to get any tips for my 1st appt and ask if anyone has experienced the following.

I have had odd things going on for over a year now and either I just have really crappy luck or something underlying is going on.

1st thing is a weird sensation/tingling/mild numbness I have been experiencing on my left side. More of a weak feeling than numb. Mainly my arm from elbow joint down and the left knee from the knee joint down. It comes and goes but flares up the most right before my menstrual cycle. The odd thing and what I can not find anything on is that it really is just that side so far. Not the right side too?

My other symptoms that have been happening are"

Mouth ulcers (really bad ones on rough of mouth)
Nose ulcers(just started in the last 6mos)
Brain Fog (very poor word and name recognition)
Joint pain and stiffness(had this for a few years)
Bizarre bruises that I have no idea where I got them
Larangitis periodically
Weird swallowing sensation sometimes after I yawn like I get a kink
Multiple Stress Fractures in the past year

The stress fractures is what has made me finally get some answers. I have been seeing a ortho doc and he is not concerned with osteoporois. I had a DEXA scan and it was ok. Borderline Osteopenia but not in the critical zone yet. He thinks I just may have done too much too fast b/c I was starting to workout. I know what I did and so does a trainer and it wasn't too much. Trust me I am not an over achiever when I work out- far from it:lol: I have followed doctors orders and damn if I don't think I might be getting another stress fracture in the same exact spot! I am off of it for now but it's so frustrating.

Something is going on and I just wish I knew what it was.

Sorry for the long rant

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Hiya,, hope you have been noting the symptoms and grading them pain wise 0-10.. and taken photos of any rashes and swellings.. this is all documented evidence for your appointment. I hope you get investigated thoroughly so you can rule things in and out.. at last:).. things do happen quite slowly so expect it to take some time to get some answers. I wish you all the best for your appointment in September...
Claire XX

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Welcome to the site.

I wanted to wish you luck with your first rheumy appointment. Don't expect to much from this first one. The doctor will probably get your history and send you for some lab work. Once the labs are back you may get some answers.

Claire gave you good advise. In addition you should make a list of any questions you might have for the doctor. When asked I always draw a blank if I don't have them written down.

Let us know how things turn out.

Take care,

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Hi there and welcome,

The only thing that I can add is write down when the symptoms appeared and how long they lasted.

Having a list is a great idea.

Let us know how your appointment goes.

Take care,
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