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Night sweats

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Well, I never, ever ever used to sweat. I could play football for hours in the summer sun and just feel a little trickle on my upper lip. But nothing more!

But for the last year I've been getting on-off night sweats. At first I blamed my wife for giving off too much heat. She told me to p*ss off!!

But these sweats have defo got worse (drenching) and more frequent over the last couple of months... and now I know why :(

But to finally get to my question/s....

Why or what causes these sweats?

Can I do anything to prevent them? I've tried sleeping with window open and no duvet but this doesn't help none to much.

Does Plaquenil help with the sweats?
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There are lots of posts here about sweating. I get night and day sweats. Not sure exactly what causes them. Lupus has a hormonal element so could be that, but also sweating is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and that could be faulty too. I sweat more when fatigued, see it as a reminder to slow down.

I sleep with an electric fan by the bed and now just automatically reach out and switch it on (pointed away from my partner who is very good to me and doesn't deserve to wake up shaking with cold).

We use two single duvets so I can shed mine and leave him snug. Cotton clothing and cotton sheets are best.

The doc and rheumy have no explanation other than hormones and general disease process. Not much help really. They got a lot less when I felt a lot better and are bad at the moment but I am in a bit of a flare. Resting can reduce them somedays and not others.

Sara x
HI there,
I have terrible night sweats too for the past 4 mths or so, it's horrible.
Also over the last week or so i have had bouts of severe sweating during the day. Yesterday I did a few jobs around the house and ended up absolutely pouring with sweat that was so bad i had to get in a showr to stop it.
I don't know why its happening though?

Take Care

Cassie :)
Yep too.

Should get better with treatment.

But .....I used to be a sun worshipper and now I just don't like the heat. Seems to wipe me out.
Well, this might be a new one... last night ONLY my knees were sweating at first!!! I woke to go the the loo and could feel the dampness on the knees!

It was only after 5am that the body sweats began also :rolleyes:
I have always had night / day sweats, right before dx in 2002, you get used to it like everything else this Lupus throws at us :(.
My hair looks likes it's been washed sometimes it gets that bad.
I've just recently tried herbal water tablets to get rid of some onboard fluids, but no it never stopped the sweating, nor did I trip to the loo more :rotfl:
My handle on sweats / sweating bouts is this.

Just the same as we sweat when our immune system is dealing with any virus we tend at sometime in that process to sweat.

Lupus and its immune response system involvement has much the same outcome.

Perhaps inflammation of the blood vessels also plays a part.........

Why, where,when, how long or even why sometimes we dont is a mystery!¬.

Those are my 'thoughts' only from my own observances.

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