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night time pain

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this happens to me sometimes. Last two nights actually again.

I wake up during the night and have this sensation of pain throughout my body. Not muscle pain, almost outlining my bones and I feel very sick inside my whole body. Hard to explain the feeling that I feel inside my body. Very ill.

Anyone relate to this? Is it is a Lupus thing or now something different? I can never tell.

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I've not had anything like that... the closest I can come to that is when I've had a bad viral infection with fever (usually some form of stomach flu) so for me that's not something I experience from lupus. It will be interesting to see if any others can relate to your experience.

Does it normally come and go pretty fast for you? I hope so - it sounds like it can really interfere with your sleep on top of everything else.
Hi Paula,

Some nights I wake up feeling like you do when you have a high temperature. In the morning it is gone. It is a mystery to me.

I hope you do better tonight.

Take care,
My solution to the intense bone pain is to use 4 foam pads on top of my mattress. I have found that is what takes the pain out of sleeping. If I try to sleep on a "regular" mattress, I wake up after an hour or so and cannot get relaxed enough to go back to sleep. Each pad I have is 1", so I have 4" total.

Hopefully this gives you some relief.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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