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Waking choking

Hi kcooke

Yes I have similar problems, and have done for a while. Back in 1992 I woke with choking first, with terrible pain round my heart. Dr checked, then noticed a lump on left neck and thought was thyroid, and sent me to specialist who needled it, scanned it, excised it, but I had no symptoms, so he said to watch.

I worked in PNG in 1993-94, had many colds, and woke again with the choking, woke thinking was dying and my throat next day always strained.
I'd had a stroke, back 15 years before, so had another in 94, with same choking, and no speech, flew back to aussie, another stroke. Speech therapy, and teaching self to speak. Back teaching again. Local doctor heard story, checked thyroid, and eventually in 95 had thyroid nuclear radium, now on thyroxine,

In 2001, told another GP about the choking- still happening, sleep apnea test- nothing, so she ordered barium meal-showing Gerd, gross motility, so she sent me to local hospital- Gasroenterologist said wedge for bed, and no endoscopy. In 2003-now so many symptoms, leading to terrible problems, leading to rheumy d/x lupuslike symptoms on Plaquenil. Last choking was last year.
Waiting since start 2007 for colonoscopy, finally after talking to them re delay last week, letter from hospital saying I'm on the list for endoscopy, but at least 6 months.

So hopefully you will get some answers. Sorry if this is longwinded, but we do look for answers :wink2:
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