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no biopsy!!

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Arrrghhhh!:wall: my skin was really bad a fortnight ago but an appointment wasn't available until today when it has cleared up beautifully.The only bad parts are my hands which are really,really sore but the doctor wouldn't take a biopsy from my hands because apparently hands don't heal well and they were so inflamed......chicken!!
To say I was a bit upset is an understatement,I am sooooo frustrated especially as hubby had to take a day off work to look after my daughter,arggh!so appointment has been rebooked for a fortnights time,:(
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Hi Julsie,

So sorry you had such a frustrating visit..I can easily relate and know how you feel. Before I was diagnosed, I had seen so many doctors, who diagnosed me with everything under the sun..(except lupus) yet my rashes and joint inflammation would always go away before my visits. I even attempted lying out in the sun for 2 hours one time just so I would "get sick" and have something to show them. How desperate that sounds now, but when you are not well, I guess you will try anything to get someone to sit up and listen..and act on it!

Next time your skin acts up, ask hubby to take some photos so you can bring it with you to your next appointment.

I hope you get some answers soon,
Ha!ha! you made me laugh Sharon,I even contemplated going on a sunbed!
nevermind,will get there one day,
That is indeed very frustrating. By the time I got to the dermy my malar rash had completely disappeared but I had a photo which made them sit up and take notice. The biopsy they took was from "unaffected" skin anyway (on my stomach) as the dermy wanted skin that had never been exposed to sun - go figure!

I've had that happen too! So frustrating. Then when I did get a biopsy of another bit of my skin (a lesion on my arm) it showed something completely different.

Just back from GP and hospital myself! Golly how stressfull for you!

Perhaps you should book a few appointments now (1 per week), it may help with catching the rash at the right time! Obviously you will have to be on the ball and cancel those not required if rash not present! AT least then you won't have to wait weeks for yet another free appointment!

I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying!!:hehe:

I needed another blood test today - next booking was two weeks away with Surgery Nurse - too late! I'm lucky to live so close to my hospital so just popped-in (1 hour wait though) - at least its done now!

Take care!

Love Lesley
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what a disappointment for you :sad: you were looking forward to that appointment too :mad:

fingers crossed that your skin will be flared next time..isn't it awful when you have to wish for your skin to be bad :eek: :rolleyes:
don't give up hope julsie you will get there in the end!! :)

love karen x

Lesley..glad you were able to get your bloods done today,it was worth waiting!..I now always go for my bloods at lunchtime as there is never anyone there :hehe: hope you are feeling better now x
Hi Julsie, I'm very sorry how things are working out for you, but I must admit that what Karen wrote about wishing you will have bad skin the next time was kind of funny. I know that you are upset, can you take a picture the next time? I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your answers. Be well.
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