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none the wiser.........

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Hi All,
Just got back, Like i said none the wiser.
But way more tests, blood, urine, chest xray, xrays on hands & feet, & bone & muscle tests (neurolgist i think).
My family DR did not even send any test results that he or the other Dr had done, she only had the letter of referal, so glad i got the test results.
She did say that she could not give a diagnosis on the ANA & ENA test results alone, because all the other tests done were normal.
Real sense of dread again!!!!!!!
So it's just a waiting game again, i could have to wait upto 6 months for the bone Or the muscle tests.

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Hello Doris, if you do see Dr. D'Cruz he will thoroughly assess what your muscles can do. It is quite correct that many people do not have organ involvement, but they still have a lot of miserable symptoms and ideally need good monitoring and support.

If it makes you feel any better I wasted many years being undiagnosed. When I saw Dr. D'Cruz he took me seriously from the first appointment even though my bloods then were negative. He started helping me straight away and the formal diagnosis followed very quickly. Just a case of seeing the right person for me.

Dr. D'Cruz is great, Prof. Hughes is a real Gentleman and Dr. Chris Edwards at the London Lupus Centre is very kind and easy to talk to. Any one of these I can personally recommend. It is money well spent, and although no one likes paying out, it is good value for what it is. Blood Tests tend to increase costs because private Lab fees are so high, so if money is an issue just tell them ,they will not lumber you with big lab bills.They are very fair.
x lola
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