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none the wiser.........

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Hi All,
Just got back, Like i said none the wiser.
But way more tests, blood, urine, chest xray, xrays on hands & feet, & bone & muscle tests (neurolgist i think).
My family DR did not even send any test results that he or the other Dr had done, she only had the letter of referal, so glad i got the test results.
She did say that she could not give a diagnosis on the ANA & ENA test results alone, because all the other tests done were normal.
Real sense of dread again!!!!!!!
So it's just a waiting game again, i could have to wait upto 6 months for the bone Or the muscle tests.

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So sorry sandra, can't believe they didn't offer you more. You must be so dissapointed. It took me 6 months from initial consult to get the diagnosis and more importantly the medication. keep going back..:hug:
Definately worth going to the london lupus centre. I had seen every specialist in my city and not one of them joined the dots until ten yrs later i saw Dr D'Cruz there. Take some time out for a little while to get over this and then back on the horse girl, we can't let them gind us down xxx
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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