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none the wiser.........

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Hi All,
Just got back, Like i said none the wiser.
But way more tests, blood, urine, chest xray, xrays on hands & feet, & bone & muscle tests (neurolgist i think).
My family DR did not even send any test results that he or the other Dr had done, she only had the letter of referal, so glad i got the test results.
She did say that she could not give a diagnosis on the ANA & ENA test results alone, because all the other tests done were normal.
Real sense of dread again!!!!!!!
So it's just a waiting game again, i could have to wait upto 6 months for the bone Or the muscle tests.

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Hi Sandra, I have definitely got weaker arm muscles since I have been ill with MCTD, not to the point where the Rheumy is worried though, lost flexibility too in right arm. I know you can have a muscle biopsy to see if it is in the muscle but Rheumies can be reluctant to order these as they are quite expensive etc etc... If you can't put up any resistance to normal strengh tests then I would be wanting it to be taken a bit more seriously, even if physio was ordered then you would be being monitored a bit more closely. I don't think I can help much more than that, others may come back with some helpful suggestions... take care of yourself, keep plodding....:(
Claire X
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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