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Dear All

We'd like to point out that the new Visitor Messages facility can be read by all registered members.

We have no control over who registers. You might prefer to use the forum private message facility or forum email for anything you should keep private or wouldn't publish on the forum such as contact details. To use the PM facility see top right of a page.

Neither PMs nor email can't be viewed by anybody but the recipient.

Talking about email, if you want your email address to be private, make sure that the the "download v card" is disabled. To check that it is disabled, go to User CP at top left of a page, then to "settings and options", then to "edit options". Make sure the "download v card" option is disabled by clearing the box if it is checked/ticked.

If you don't want forum email, disable the email option too.

Don't forget to "Save Changes"

Take care ! :)

For the Moderators
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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