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NSAID Intollerance

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My GP has just prescribed Naproxen Enteric Coacted. I have been unsuccessful taking Diclofenac Sodium along with a Omeprazol (for gastro help) - suffer with acid reflux!

Does anyone find Naproxen a successful NSAID with regards to inflammation/pain?

My GP really is not sure what to prescribe next if Naproxen has similar gastro effects! She said that I probably would suffer a reaction and thinks I have a bad intollerance to NSAIDs. I do have problems with Ibruphen and even Paracetamols.

If anyone has suggestions I would be grateful. I still have no new appointment with Specialist so can't get Specialist advise until beg. March.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Leslie,
I can't answer your question I'm afraid.
I think your real problem is your lack of specialist advice and support. ( you don't know that already :rolleyes: .)
Does the rheumy you are waiting to see have an advice line at your clinic? Is there a specialist nurse who could advise your GP about the preferred medications that rheumy would prescribe.
The thing is different meds work for different people. Ibuprofen was ok for me but diclofenac upset my liver enzymes. Lodene (etotulac} did nothing for my pain or inflammation.
Some you just have to try and see. Best of luck with it.

March seems a long way off when you are in pain and worried.
Perhaps others have better advice for you.
Take care
Ask your doctor about taking an anti-acid with the anti-inflams. I am on them permantely. Even though some of my meds have the enteric coating I still need the extra protection & relief. It's a bit like a dog chasing its tale sometimes.

Good luck
I take Naprosyn SR (coated and sustained release) and have been on it for years with great success but I always take it after a fairly good breakfast, I can't tolerate any of those meds on a near empty stomach.

A word of warning and it may not apply to you but for some reason I could NOT take the generic - Naproxen EN it upset my stomach something terrible. I have no trouble with the brand however. Good luck :luck:


Sory to hear your not feeling well! Acid reflux is terrible and very uncomfortable. The omeprazole you take is called a PPI (proton pump inhibitor). It inhibits the formation of gastric acid. There are other PPI's available if this one does not work for you that can be prescribed on the NHS. However, they are hard to get a hold of from your GP due to coast. Have you tried lanzoprazole or esomeprazole. Omeprazole is the least expensive of the lot. I would ask my GP to change the PPI. If you get no where with your GP, contact your consultants secretary and ask for an urgent message to be passed to your consultant. Your consultant can request your GP to prescibe a different PPI.
As far as Naproxen EC, I find it works the best. I have tried ibuprophen and diclofenac. Neither worked as well as the Naproxen. I take 2 twice a day. When I take Diclofenac I get sick to my stomach and a funny head and severe headsache. I have no side effects from the Naproxen and I take Lanzoprazole. I always take my PPI 1 hour before I take the rest of my medications to avoid gastric reflux. I hope this helps and I hope your feeling better soon. Let me know how you get on.
Take Care
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a lot of us take various different meds to protect our stomach from the various meds we have to take. I used to be on losec, but have switched to solox which works better for me. I also take zantac. If that doesn't work, I add in metaclopramide.

Lupus meds do tend to do a number on your stomach, so talk to your doctor about adding in some stomach protection.


Now I have shingles

Hi, thanks for all the advice!

I started taking Naproxen on Wednesday seem okay told to take half dose for a week, then up if okay. Last night I suddenly found that one side of my head was really sore (like a burn). In the morning my husband took a look an said I had a rash and a couple of lumps. I read the details of Naproxen which said to contact GP in a rash occurs! I went to the GP thinking she would just prescribe a special shampoo and change the meds again, but low and behold I have got shingles and have been prescribed with Aciclovir. GP also advised to not take the Naproxen as well. The side shingles is present has also affected my eye - lots more pain.

I'm not sure about contagious period at present, will have to check on NHS Direct. I don't know what I'll do if I should not be going out - it will be very difficult handling the school runs.

It never rains but pours!!!

I've just started on Naproxen too - 250mg twice a day. I too tried Diclofenac and Idomethacin without success but had no issues with my stomach.

I do find the Naproxen takes the edge of the pain but I'm struggling to take the 2nd dose. I always have it a couple of hours after my dinner, around 10pm but I wake up retching in the morning and feel yuk!

I hope you feel better soon.


Pam xxx

Shingles is not "contagious" like chicken pox. I would still use care in washing hands and not "touching" more than necessary. This is what I was told when I came down with the shingles a couple of years ago. The fact that you caught it early is supposed to help with a quicker healing and less post-shingles pain. Please double check with your doctor.

Take care,
Thanks everyone!

Karen - Regarding contagious - apparently it is contagious but only by exposure/touching to the spots until they have scabbed! My GP said just to keep washing my hands! The virus normally can't be caught from sneezing or coughing. My few lumps are so hidden under my hair nobody can see I even have Shingles!

I took Aciclovir within approx. 15 hours of having a lumpy/burning head and so far I have yet to blister not sure if I ever will. The GP does still think its Shingles due to the burning sensation/rash/lumps and location on one side of head. I have been lucky especially as the rash had reached my eyelid and gave me pain but did not develope any further!

The pain has been far less than what I get with SLE. Luckily the SLE pains are not bad this week as I have no NSAIDS now to take at present except Paracetamol.

Thanks again!

Hi Lesley,

Apparently if you have shingles and you are around anyone who has NOT had chicken pox sometime in their past they can get chicken pox from your shingles. That's probably what the contagious bit is about. Shingles themselves can't be passed on.

I am glad the Aciclovir has been started, so many docs fail to do this and patients face big problems with nerve pain afterwards. Hoping you are feeling much better soon :hug:

Hi Lily,
You are correct, people that have never had Chicken Pox can catch it but supposedly only by contact with the spots. However, people that have not had Chicken Pox are more likely to contract the virus from someone else that has Chicken Pox as it is transported via sneezing/coughing(airbourne) and touching spots. Shingles can't be caught by anyone - it is just a reactivation of the virus of someone that had already had Chicken Pox.

Am feeling better already and am glad I can go about my life as normal. It would have been a nighmare few weeks otherwise!

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