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numb arms

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Can anyone tell me if they have experience of this, when i am in my bed my arms go numb but they are painful. My hands are boiling and red and my fingers look like "sausages". I have to get up and sort of wave my arms about like a monkey, according to my hubby, to kind of get the feeling back into them. In the morning my neck and shoulders are aching. The same thing seems to be happening to my legs now.

Anyone else get this.

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Hello there,

I am really no expert here at all but I would want to be mentioning this to your doc. The causes could be various but it might well be a case of poor ciruclation.

I have a similar problem (which isn't as bad now) but it only affects my hands and forearms. My hands feel dead, numb and painful. They FEEL red and swollen but LOOK pretty normal other than slight swelling in fingers. We can't quite work out if mine is due to circulation or peripheral neuropathy. For the most part it remains stable with improvement when my disease activity is less.

Hello, I am afraid my arms and hands are numb by the morning.
It has happened for so long now, and I have never come to any harm from it so I just mentally file it under "inconvenient but not dangerous". I do wonder if you have any misalignment in your neck though. Maybe a reliable Physio or Chiropractor could enlighten you.
x Lola
Thanks Katherine & LolaLola, have appointment next week with doc, so will ask. Just feel as if I have a new symptom every time I go.

Thanks again.

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