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OT came out today, she was lovely. I'm getting an extra handrail on my stairs, a settee riser, grab rails in my bath, a bath board a bed lever and a car turntable. If i'm still struggling with sitairs she said to let her know and she'll see about a stairlift!!!!:)
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Hi Jo did they not offer you a wet floor shower instead of things for your bath it is a wet floor shower i have with a seat to sit on it is far better than struggling in and out of the bath i have hand rails in the shower also outside my front door i have a bed rail that goes from one side of my bed to the other and the same on my stairs i was offerd a chair lift but said not just yet if i need it i will get back on to them so i hope you get it all done as soon as possible as it makes such a diffrence to our needs Elisabeth
That's great news Jo.
Anything that makes life a little easier is always a good thing. A stair lift is definitely worth thinking about. My brother had one put in and it made a big difference to him.

take care
Ann xx
Jo, this is really good news and I'm sure it will make a great difference to your life. I would take whatever is on offer while it's going. Congratulations :)

Elizabeth, I'd like to know what is involved in installing a 'wet floor shower' in a normal bathroom. Does it require a lot of space, like more than a bath ? Our bathroom is minute with a bath and a washbasin to the side of it, so just about the size of two baths side by side.

Wow, it sounds like the OT was very helpful and your life will be made easier, for that I am very glad. Luckily my bathtub already came with my apartment, but nothing else really. But I am so glad that things are being more adaptable to your needs!!! Enjoy, but be careful.:hehe:
OT's really rock - they went through my house many years ago and put in hand rails on the outside steps, rails in the shower, supplied me with shower stools and a flash wheelie chair I use in the kitchen, etc etc.

The only stupid thing is that they only do ONE entrance so i had to choose if I wanted the rail on the front door or backdoor.

Shame if there is a fire involving the front door !!!!!

enjoy your rails, hope they make your life easier

Hi Clare NO you dont need a big bathroom all they did in mine was take my bath out and put the shower in.The wet floor starts at door into the bathroom.I did not have a big bathroom have you asked for one to be installed.I still have my hand basin and toilet they also put tiles on the wall then hubby just done the rest his self hope that helps Elisabeth
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