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Odd Question?????

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Not sure if I have put this in the right place or not, so sorry if it is in the wrong place!

Does anyone else find that if there is a fan or air con in the car say blowing on them that it actually makes their joints hurt more?:shrug:

We have a fan in the bedroom to stop my husband overheating as it gets so hot in there this time of year. Doesn't really help that the hot water tank is in there to. We have it by the window to drag in the cold air.

Just wanted to know if it was just me imagining things?

Claire xx
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yes if it is too cold

But also going from warm to cold is a killer too

What bothers me most with the fan is the reynauds !

Then the coloring of the skin changes, etc..etc...

I always have socks, a blanket and a sweater wherever I am and wherever I go......just in case the ac or fans are too much.
Yep, it also happens to me and, for this reason, I can't stand electric fans or air conditioning. My joints start to hurt really, really quickly. It also happens with draughts or with a light breeze when I'm out, even in summer.

I'm sure this must happen to many more people here. It was a very good idea to raise this question. Sometimes we just need to make sure we are not "imagining" things, as you say.

Take care:),

Thanks Paula and Luscinda

Sometimes things happen and I wonder if it is just that I am imagining things or it is a lupus thing.
I'm the opposite - I love fans and sleep with on on at night during summer months.

guess we're all different



I know what you are saying, I don't do hot weather it drains me all the more and normally I would love to sit infront of the fan, but this last year it has been gettin more noticable that if the fan is on I have to cover my joints or have it blowing away from me! Strange how things change isn't it?

i'm not too bad with fans but what i do find very painful are the chiller isle in the supermarket, when i stand or am walking down there my joints especially hands and knees are in soooo much pain, i've taken to wearing gloves !! also if i open the freezer it goes straigh for my knees! what's that all about???? anyone else relate to this?
carol x:hehe:
Hi Granny,Yes, when I know that we are going to run to the store or something else, I grab a heavy sweater or jacket. we get in the car and hubby turns it up on med. or high, I wait for about three minutes, then I close the vent in front of me and he turns it down a notch.But I still freeze.
Raglet likes the fans cause she always is a weird ole gal, aren't you Raglet? I can see you smiling now.Anyway, yes, the cold makes me hurt worse all over, bad. You are just normal, You may have Raynauds !! I would suggest that you write it down on your notepad, and tell your Rheumy the next time that you go. Do your hands get unbearably cold, so that you can't seem to warm them up? Make note of it, be well,and smile.:wink2::rolleyes:
I guess you will have to call me weird too.:lol: I sleep with ac on and 2 fans during the summer and fall, but I am hot because I sleep with heating pads.
I can't handle hot weather or cold weather, so the 70-80's is good for me:)

I though do not do well in the freezer section in the grocery store either.
My hands hurt so bad.

I guess we are all different, but have similarities.

Yup. It is the only thing me and my hubby fight about.:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

He likes it cold and I can not tolerate it at all.

My joints scream if any kind of cold air blows on me.

I used to love the air conditioning blowing right on me.:mad::mad::mad:

Not anymore.
MAN, I love the fan! Can't go to sleep at night without it. I am so warm blooded that I have to have air moving all the time around me. I feel as though I cannot breathe without the movement. Call me wierd too!
Never thought about the joints hurting though. I tend to hurt the most after being outdoors or walking for an extended period of time. The fans never seem to bother me.
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