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odd sensation in mid back

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I have a recurring odd feeling on the left side of my back about halfway up. It is very difficult to describe but feels about the size of a fist and is a "creeping", crackling sensation (almost feels like a "tens" unit....pins and needles). It is not something on the outside but feels like it is inside somewhere. I recently went on vacation and had a bad lupus rash from the sun. I noticed that during that time, when I layed down, that area "pinched" when I breathed in. I asked my rheumy when I saw her and she said if could be a mild case of pleurisy from the sun exposure. I have been noted to have pleural thickening. However, most of the time it is not a painful feeling, just that odd sensation. Just wondering if anyone else experiences it. Also, I was on the steroid cream for my rash. Does that make anyone else thirsty or is it just my imagination? I also promptly got a yeast infection right after starting it...something I rarely get. Coincidence? Thanks for any feedback.
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Hmmmmm! Strange as I've had a similar sensation on the left side of my back these last few days. Is it like a kind of tingling that runs down? But I don't get a "pinching" at all.
I got something similar...a little prickling and then like a circular spot of numbness? Dunno what it was. Didn't ask. I was in Paris when it happened. Not really a helpful post except for to say I kind of halfway know what you're talking about and it happened to me too?
[a little prickling and then like a circular spot of numbness?]

Yes, that is the feeling, but it feels like its inside. It apparently isn't something big to worry about and I have only felt the pinching a couple of times. Thanks for your post.
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