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Hi all

I am feeling very sorry for myself because I have taken a small chunk out of my cornea with a plant stem.

I cannot describe pain I am in.

Have eye patch on so sight rubbish. Pain is ilke having a razor blade / shards of glass trapped between eyeball and eye lid and all eyelashes inverted onto eyeball. Making my nose run and the roof of my mouth feel odd. Dry eyes cos of Sjogrens really not helping much. Think I woke up cos eyeball stuck to eyelid which has really set it all off.

Artificial tears and antibiotic drops are torture to get in.

Eye almost closed now. Wish there was a way of imobilising eyeball under patch. Having to sit / walk with both eyes closed cos when good eyeball moves so does bad one and pain flares up.

Typing with one finger whilst holding sore eye still withhand over patch.

Just do not know what to do with self. Settles down for a few minutes at a time then the pain just flares up and grabs me for ages.

aNY volunteers to spoon out my eyeball for me?

Was lovely when A& Eput anaestheticstuff in it. Went backtwice and they did it again. Does anybody know how often they can put in in your eye?

I was not allowed to bring any home and do understand why, but if i Can get anybody to take me back tomorrow I think I am prepared to beg for another dose.

Thanks for reading moan.

Good night all.

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That sounds so very painful.:( I hope the pain goes away soon for you.:there: I can't imagine how painful that is but you described it really well.

I know I am not helping you much but want to send big soft hugs to you. You moan all you want that is what we are here for.

Could you phone your A&E and tell them how much pain you are in and see if they can help you?

Sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way that when you wake up tomorrow the pain is gone.



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OUCH Alwin

How horrid. It must be so sore I cannot imagine how you must feel. It was very bad of that plant stem to stab you in the eye!

Not sure how often you can have the anaesthetic drops in but if you phone or pop in I am sure they will tell you. Pitty they cant give you some to take home but I suppose not everyone is sensible and would probably misuse the stuff.

I do hope you are feeling more comfortable soon.


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Hello Alwin,
I can sympathise I did something similar many years ago. Makes you feel ill all over doesn't it? Hope you feel well soon, meanwhile please take care you are probably a bit disorientated right now.
x Lola

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HI Alwin,
Oh how awful for you, so sorry that you've done that.
Did they give you any painkillers to take home with, some cocodamol or somethings like that might help with that kind of sharp pain.
I would phone the hospital back or gp and see of you can get some if you don't have some already.
They might just take that nasty sharp edge off and help you relax a little bit.

Hope the pain settles down soon.



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That sounds very painful and we're so sensitive about our eyes :(

I hope it heals very quickly,

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Oh (((((((((((((((((Alwin)))))))))))))))))))) :hugbetter:

What you're going through sounds incredibly painful indeed and eye pain is truly no fun at all (not that any other sort of pain is!).... :(

Unfortunately numbing eye drops can delay healing of the corneas if used repeatedly and even cause corneal damage in extreme cases of very frequent use... I'm guessing that's why they didn't give you a bottle to take home with you.... :worried:

A couple of years ago around Christmas time in Scotland I was coming back home from a walk in the park with the dog and there was ice everywhere, even on top of the door in pointy little drippy bits. When I went to open the door one of those ice-bits broke off from the door and fell right into my eye scratching my cornea big time. I mean it was "just a scratch" but the pain was incredible... They gave me antibiotic drops in the hospital and when I went back the next day and asked for something for the pain, they told me I could get some codeine for a couple of days until it starts to heal... Well it helped the pain quite a bit. Of course I hadn't taken a chunk of the cornea out which sounds positively ouch, but it might be worth asking if you could get any tablets for pain relief while things are so bad.... Also there are some non-steroidal eye drops that can help eye pain in some cases; maybe you could ask the doc about them??

I hope your eye heals incredibly fast Alwin and that the pain goes away very very soon :fingers::thumbs:

Sending you loads and loads of hugs and wishes for a very speedy recovery :grouphug2::grhug:



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gosh Alwin, that sounds just awful. Honestly, go back and beg for some more - honestly, if I could come and beg for you I would definitely do it.

Sending lots of healing thoughts winging your way, I just can't imagine anything more painful ......

love from raglet

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Thank you so very much. i so needed a shoulder to wail onto this am.

Wanted to throw my eyeball off a cliff yesterday and into this am - despite strong cocodamol.

Anyway - get this then, my eyeball is already feeling tonnes better.
You are so right lola - weird how it made me hurt all over. Couldn't stop nose from running and whole head hurt, then I really did seem to hurt all over.

My elbows and hand joints have decided to flare today so they're not out done by the eye pain, but do you know what? NOTHING could out-do that. Thank heavens it has gone.

You are quite right = the anti-biotic ointment was better than the lubricating drops, BigSis.

I think the corneal abrasions would be just as painfull as the little chip missing from the cornea Zoi. Is is incredible that we can get such a small target on the end of somethniigs as fine as a plant or ice, isn't it?

Thank you all for your good advice. If that had not stopped i do not know what i would have done with myself.

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That sound almost as bad as my back surgery

Ouch ouch ouch ouch! That sounds almost as bad as my back surgery. Very painful. I hope you are feeling better and get well soon. Hurts my eye just thinking about it. Ouch ouch:)

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Hi there,

I am so sorry this happened to you... how awful and you are so lucky that you are not blind from it....
It is good that you are feeling better today... I bet you are relieved... I have scratched my eye before and that hurt enough... I can only imagine how bad your eye is.... You take good care of yourself and I hope it heals real quickly...

Love Penny

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Thanks again all.

Soo much better. Sight not grea tyet, but nooo pain. Seeing several one one thing in a bit of a blur.

Wnet to view potential cusotmers garden this evening and had to keep walking right up to plants to hold them right in front of my face to distinguish them every time she asked what they were. Was trying to get close whilst keeping face WELL back! You can probably imagine how that looked. Not very normal to say the least.

Will see if she calls back - was probably relieved when I'd gone - bet she thought I was a mad un.

Nicky - can rely on you for an intelligent and pragmatic response as ever. Would never hve thought of typing like that - birlliant!

Yes , seriously, I am lucky. My husband said I would have been instantly fired for not wearing goggles if I worked at his palce. He has given me a really posh pair to wear from now on - mine made me look like a Blackmoor fish.

If my sunglasses had not steamed up I would not have put them on my head and would not be in this position, but let's face it - sun glasses and vanity are not called for in this game. Bit of growing up done in the last couple of days. Shame it had to hurt so muchto get here.

Thanks again - and be warned - wear eye protection - especially near tall razor sharp grasses! They don't want to be ripped out at the root and they will have their retribution!!!
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