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Oh (((((((((((((((((Alwin)))))))))))))))))))) :hugbetter:

What you're going through sounds incredibly painful indeed and eye pain is truly no fun at all (not that any other sort of pain is!).... :(

Unfortunately numbing eye drops can delay healing of the corneas if used repeatedly and even cause corneal damage in extreme cases of very frequent use... I'm guessing that's why they didn't give you a bottle to take home with you.... :worried:

A couple of years ago around Christmas time in Scotland I was coming back home from a walk in the park with the dog and there was ice everywhere, even on top of the door in pointy little drippy bits. When I went to open the door one of those ice-bits broke off from the door and fell right into my eye scratching my cornea big time. I mean it was "just a scratch" but the pain was incredible... They gave me antibiotic drops in the hospital and when I went back the next day and asked for something for the pain, they told me I could get some codeine for a couple of days until it starts to heal... Well it helped the pain quite a bit. Of course I hadn't taken a chunk of the cornea out which sounds positively ouch, but it might be worth asking if you could get any tablets for pain relief while things are so bad.... Also there are some non-steroidal eye drops that can help eye pain in some cases; maybe you could ask the doc about them??

I hope your eye heals incredibly fast Alwin and that the pain goes away very very soon :fingers::thumbs:

Sending you loads and loads of hugs and wishes for a very speedy recovery :grouphug2::grhug:


1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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