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Have not been around much lately so thought I would post a fast message.
In June my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the lungs, spine and liver.
With in two days she was paralyzed and could not feel or move anything below her chest area.
They started Radiation treatment on the spine and was able to get her some feeling and movement back in her feet and legs.
She still has alot of numbness and has trouble trying to walk but is able to get around with a walker or four post cain most of the time.

We have been dealing with this and have been making alot of trips and plans on how to handle this so I have not been online much. I do stop just to look for a minute from time to time.

Today we got news that her last test shows that she does not have cancer in the liver and that the cancer in the spine is not as bad as they first thought.
The cancer in the lung is there but they think they can handle it.

She will start chemo next week. Right now we do not know how long it will take and figure they would only be guessing if they did give a number.
They will continue to run tests and monitor how it is going while she is taking it.

She has also been having alot of trouble with her feet swelling. She had told us it was doing this some but this past weekend when we went to see her we almost freaked when we seen it. Her feet looked like baloons. She said it was not as bad that day.
The doctor told her today that he can not give her water pills to help with this because of the lack of feeling in the midsection.
He said it should improve with the chemo and with the physical therapy.
In the mean time she is supoosed to wear support socks to help with it.
We gave her some my wife had and it did seem to help some.

She has been very brave on all of this and is keeping her spirits fairly well.
I find myself getting a little upset. She has alot of family very near her that she has run after helping for years.
Now she needs help and they do come by but not very much.
She finds herself setting in a chair and thinking most of the time by herself.

We plan to move her with us but it is about 450 miles and we want her to get to a place where she is better able to do it before we do something like this.
For now they seem slower then we would like but they have helped and we do not want to move her in the middle of treatment.

We have spoke to doctors out here and have it set up for her when she comes out that she will have doctors.

Sorry so long mind is running million Miles a Minute right now.
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