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Hi all, me again. Hope everyone is feelin fine. Went to the optometrist today for a baseline for the docs visa vie the Plaq. For 30 yrs I have worn glasses (God that makes me sound old ) my eyes have always either stayed the same or deteriorated. I am short sighted. 2 yrs ago he sent me to the hospital as my field vision tests were off the hook. I had no periferal vision lol. turns out my pupils are slanted but that's another story

Today he tells me that even though I had an eye test in November last yr and was issued with a new script my eyesight has dramatically improved :eek: He is now wondering if I have diabetes. I am laughing as I write this cause every time I go to a specialist of any kind they give me a new label.

So he has a good old look at the back of my eyes and has told me he's writing to my GP to make sure Diabetes has been ruled out. Does anyone know if Plaq can improve your vision?

I am starting to love Plaquinel :bigsmile:


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I have certainly never heard of that side effect - Of course I am far from an expert on such things :)

Anyways, it's good the eyesight has improved. I hope the diabetes thing is clear. Is there any chance the old tests were erroneous - this has happened recently to a friend of mine with quite a few tests?


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I have only heard of it hurting your eyes but as we all know it may act different with you and be improving your sight, or are you eating a lot, a lot of carrots and just want us to think that if we keep taking plaquenil that our eyes will get better? lol ok well I am glad you have some good news and not more bad, I think we have had enough of that for awhile. I hope that it keeps improving for you and things are going well for you.
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