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((((((((((Elle))))))) another added worry you don't need :hug:

How old is your daughter? My daughter at age 16 (well basically for a couple of years around that) had the butterfly rash, low white cell count, pleuritis, livedo reticularis, raynauds plus a one time positive ANA. My lupie doc ran a ton of tests and spent a lot of time with her. Her further testing came back negative and I am relieved to say it all settled down. He did say any further probs then come straight back which was reassuring. Thankfully there have been no further probs and everything settled down, and that was 6 years ago. So we are mindful of it but hopeful that somehow her immune system sorted itself out.

I hope things are ok with your daughter, but if not then be reassured that at least you have knowledge of the disease and the correct testing and are probably much more informed about it and aware than most Mums.


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