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Old Member, New Name

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Hello fellow Lupus friends,

I've had to register again as my computer crashed and lost all of my settings, etc. Some of you will remember me as "LupusCatt". Anyway, Hello again, it's good to be back. I hope all of you are well.:)
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Hi Merry 53,
Welcome back. I think I remember you. :rotfl:My memory does leave me a lot.;)

Take care,
Hi there

Welcome back. Im sorry to hear about your computer problems. I cant seem to find a member called 'Lupuscatt' :worried: Are you sure that was your original screen name? If you know your exact original screen name the site owner can change it to your name and 'connect' it to all your original posts. Just a thought:)

Let us know if you would like to do that.

Take care for now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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