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Hi sushi
I have read in many sources that supplementing with omega 6 is not advisable because it can increase inflammation because the average American diet is unbalanced:it contains far too much omega 6 in proportion to omega 3. The proportions are apparently the most important thing. Many sources say that omega 9 is unnecessary

It's hard to say what is true and know who to believe. The supplement field is for the most part full of conflicting statements and there are very few reliable studies properly conducted. The only omega supplement that is thought by many medical authorities to reduce inflammation is omega3, as far as I know.

I would only bother with omega 3 if I was going to take anything at all.
I reckon that dietary measures like cutting out refined sugars and animal fats would do just as much to reduce inflammation and cost nothing

I have no idea whether increased inflammation would promote disease activity to any extent. Costochondritis is common in healthy people and once it's started is very likely to recur.
I know that some people here do take the three omegas and presumably would disagree with me !

I wouldn't beat yourself up about it though especially since it might not be true that there is any link. Life is too short. We can only do our best with the information we have which can never be complete or 100% right. Things can change from day to day, as there are new findings

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