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OMG I just lost my car!!!

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My rummy recently advised me to try and start some gentle exercises to try and build up my rapidly disappearing muscles. Taking his advice I joined a local gym and had a meeting with a trainner today to plan a routine that I could manage. Feeling really positive about the whole experance and determined to 'fight back' against this miserable wreak that I call my body, I left the gym very excited. this lasted about a whole 5 seconds when I suddenly realised I had no idea where I had parked my car. OMG I wandered aimlessly around for at least 15 mins before I finally found it and I had countless people staring at me, most probably worried that I was a car thief or something!!!
OMG first class is tomorrow and I just burn up with embarassment everytime I think of the place!!!

Love a totally mortified

elle x
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Well I have lost my car so many times that I now have to write down where I have parked it, I get easily distracted and really need to concentrate as I am walking away for signs to recognise so I will get back to it. Dont even know my reg number so cant ask for help. I cant remember numbers at all.

We cant be good at everything, nobody is perfect!

:flowery: Primrose
Apparently the AA is often called out by people who lose their cars at shopping centres! So, you are not alone, and hey, they can't all be lupus patients :rotfl:
Dont worry Elle

I lost my car recently in Dublin Airport - AND I had the bay number written down! So not only could I not find my car but I couldnt find the bay number either! I spent about 15 minutes wandering up and down and trying to figure out why the numbers ended just one before my number...

I eventually realised that I was completely disorientated and the car was at the total opposite end of the carpark instead of where I thought it was....

Trust me to park at a number which signified a 'break' between two very large parking lots!

Luv n stuff

I spent an age looking for my car without any luck.Nor could I imagine why anybody would want to steal it. I was quite sure I had come in a car though. I stood gazing forlornly and despairingly at where I thought it should be and suddenly thought that the car in that space looked rather familiar, though it wasn't my own. Sure enough, I had completely forgotten I had come in my hubby's car. I never told him

Nil desperandum !

I once went to the grocery store, did my shopping, came out and couldn't find my car.

I wandered for quite a while, getting more and more paniced...I called hubby on the cell and he said "sweetie you have my SUV"...lo and behold, i was standing right in front of it...tears streaming down my face and Ice cream dripping from the cart.

I got home and wept all over hubby...I was so scared...Don't like feeling so lost.


I allow myself plenty of time to get lost en route and to find my car later.

It is not a problem to me, just a normal part of my life.

It gives me a bit more time to look around and discretely peer into the windows of houses without nets to check out the decor, or nosey at the plants in stranger's gardens.

I have been known to take a journey and come home without doing the thing I set off to do, but have had a lovely day.

Sometimes, if I 'sneak up on my memory' by pretending not to care that it is letting me down once again, it leaks the secret of the spot I left my car in by accident and I suddenly stop perusing and shoot off qucikly to get in my car before the memory bubble bursts.

Last night my husband's friend told me he was waiting for his wife in the car in a supermarket in Liverpool when a heavily pregnant woman strolled over, opened the car door, sat down, adjusted her clothing and then fastened 'her' seat belt.

He noted a similar car across the road and when she looked up at him (he's extremely tall and FILLS his car) and he at her, he waited for her to stop her brief screech, then said ... "I think that's your husband in the car over there, love'. He didn't mention whether or not he asked if she was a lupie, but he did say he had no idea a heavily pregnant woman could move so fast.

I was crying into my wine by the time he had finished.

I have even tried to ram my keys in a car that was simply the same colour as mine - not even the same make or model.

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I have lost my car so many times. I finally put a purple ribbon on my antenna of my truck so I can find it a little easier. I have also left my truck running. I get out and lock it up and there it sits, running............. hmmfph!

Just another day in the life.................
Doesn't anyone have handicapped parking? It is only hard to find your car when you don't park in handicap...
lol what we all like, i lost mine, had a friend try to help me all around somefield carpark, she said linda its not here, i thought well where the heck is it

then penny dropped i hadnt even put it on there it was in the main street:lol: see we all do it lol

ALL :lol: :hehe: Lin
I called in at a mall one time and reported my car as lost - only to find it when the policeman drove me around 'just to check'. :blush: And that was 15 years BEFORE I had lupus. :lol:
sam101360;503378 said:
I once went to the grocery store, did my shopping, came out and couldn't find my car.

I wandered for quite a while, getting more and more paniced...I called hubby on the cell and he said "sweetie you have my SUV"...lo and behold, i was standing right in front of it...tears streaming down my face and Ice cream dripping from the cart.

I got home and wept all over hubby...I was so scared...Don't like feeling so lost.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I lost my truck ... bright red GMC crew cab truck...kinda hard to miss...
I went back in the store because it was hot and tried to re-think
which end of the store I had come in...went to other end and no
truck... went back to grocery side entrance and had cell in hand
to call police to report my truck as stolen when I noticed a Blazer
that looked just like my husbands...
small S10 white blazer with a 6 inch nub that holds a CB radio
antenna sticking out of the top... looked just like his cause it was
and I had driven it because he was changing my trucks oil ...
I just lost my car the other night and thank God my daughter was with me to put me in the right direction.:lol: I lose the car at least 3x a year if not more. I won't bring up my key issues.
I am waiting for my handicap plaqard as I type!!!!!!!!!! How long does it take?????????:mad:

*****funny stories ******* :lol:

I know not funny when they happen though. I have done this a lot of times.

One time I called my hubby crying because I was exhausted and worried and just very upset I couldn't find my car at the mall. I was on the bottom floor and could beep my car and hear my car but could not follow it or find out.

Ends up being my car was on the top floor and that is why I could hear it and it was echoing on the first floor and sounded like it was right there.

I went in and out the door, walked all the parking spaces trying to follow the sound for about 45 minutes. After I called hubby and explained it all he said "do me a favor, go upstairs and beep your car" ........that was it !!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Reading through these posts has really made me laugh after a really tired and yeuky day. So thanks to all of you. x

And have to add one more .....

I had come out of the supermarket after doing loads of shopping. I had telephoned for a taxi on the way out and was standing outside surrounded by bags.

A friend happened to be passing and said he would give me a lift home. I said that would be great and that I would cancel the taxi.

He said I would have to wait a while cos his car was parked the other end of town but it would save me the taxi fare.

I picked up my bags and went inside and cancelled the taxi while my friend began his trek to collect his car.

Back outside I waited for my friend to return when I suddenly remembered ............. I had borrowed another friend's car that morning specially to do the shopping and it was sitting out the back in the store carpark!

I had to wait till friend no 1 returned in his car and had to explain that I didnt need a lift as I already had a car waiting for me! Boy did I wish I was anywhere else but there when he pulled up!
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Been there done this ---sadly numerous times! I have gotten to where I send myself a text message so if I get lost, I just look at my phone to tell me where to go (Ha! Some people might want to tell me where to go, not many people get to tell themselves!)

Usuallly I have my daughter with me, and she just says mom, come on your lost again!

Good Luck!
I to have lost my car - it was right accross the road but I couldn't see it. Do not despair I have also forgot where my children were - they were quite safe at my sisters house, I just forgot I took them their to play with their cousins for a while. This brain fog, memory loss or what ever you call it is scarey stuff!!:hehe: :eek: :worried:

Keep well kepp smiling:)
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