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My rummy recently advised me to try and start some gentle exercises to try and build up my rapidly disappearing muscles. Taking his advice I joined a local gym and had a meeting with a trainner today to plan a routine that I could manage. Feeling really positive about the whole experance and determined to 'fight back' against this miserable wreak that I call my body, I left the gym very excited. this lasted about a whole 5 seconds when I suddenly realised I had no idea where I had parked my car. OMG I wandered aimlessly around for at least 15 mins before I finally found it and I had countless people staring at me, most probably worried that I was a car thief or something!!!
OMG first class is tomorrow and I just burn up with embarassment everytime I think of the place!!!

Love a totally mortified

elle x
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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