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omg this is so funny

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I have spent many years doing all the regular lupie stuff like putting the folded pillow cases in the fridge instead of the airing cupboard, but this time I have really surpassed myself.

I couldn't find my keys anywhere - searched high and low but they had just vanished. In the end I had to dig out my spare set. On the way out to the car what do I find - my car keys carefully pegged on the clothes line.

Seems to me that going and finding a peg then pegging my keys on to the clothes line is a pretty complex bit of behavious even for this lupie brain. Oh well, just lucky that no one decided to burgle us or steal the car, as my house/car/work keys were hanging on the clothes line all night.

Still laughing about this one .....

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I put my 7 day weel organizer of pills and I dh looked every way all day, when it donned on me that I was writing lettling ans yes threre it was.
My dh kept asking "WHY" because I am multi tasker, I am n0 longer a multitasker just an idiot.

You are soooo not alone,

Take care ,
hi raglet

I'm sorry but that's hilarious!!I can just picture them hanging on the line :lol:

last week I searched everywere for my keys only to remember my husband had took the car only half an hour earlier :lol: at least it forced me to walk though!

Its sad & frustrating raglet but at least we can laugh about it :)
take care
karen x
Raglet - Thank you, the next time I get pissed at myself for doing something stupid, I will remember this to remind myself I'm I'm not alone.
((((((Raglet)))))) Yes, you're right. It is a very complex bit of behaviour for someone to do and then completely forget about doing it. Funny as it seems, make sure you let your Rheumy know as it's not a 'normal' absentmindedness or brain fog moment in my opinion.

Hugs in the meantime and for goodness sake, tie those keys around your waist!

Luv n stuff

Your post made me laugh...:lol: At least you didn't try, and flush your keys down the toilet...:lol:


That is a great one! In the past, I have done my fair share of doing crazy things, but I haven't done anything lately, thank goodness, or at least that I can remember. I am always good at looking for my keys and already having them in my hand, looking for the glasses that are on my face, you name it. My daughter is eight months pregnant and I will be babysitting for her while she is on school and at work. She is concerned that I will misplace the baby. I told her not to worry, that if the baby has as big as a mouth as she does, then the baby will let me know where she is at and I can find her....LOL.

Hey Raglet

I am so having bad brain day, which has turned into a migraine so reading your post really made me laugh... I think my best one to date is filling up the kettle with milk rather than water from the britta jug. In my defence they are both in the fridge! Or almost pouring water in the coffee container rather than the mugs at work :rotfl: Never mind it all adds to the entertainment for those watching me!


I was so grateful for the laugh. I do many daft things.
x Lola

I so appreciated the laugh. Can I ask what an airing cupboard is? Whenever you talk about your clothesline I always imagine the one that my grandparents had. I haven't seen a clothesline in years.

Hi Raglet,

This did make me laugh! I now know that the first place I should look is the fridge as I have a fixation with putting things in there.

Raggedyann - an airing cupboard is a cupboard where a heating boiler or hot water heater is housed and is a good place for storage or drying clothes :)


Pam xxx
Hi Raglet :wavey::rotfl: :wavey:

That was a corker even for a lupie brain fart. I am the same as everyone else i have done my fair share of daft things but i think this one wins them all.

The award goes to RAGLET :rotfl: :lol: :rotfl: :lol: :rotfl:

Take care :hug: Jo :hug:
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