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Maybe this will help with the description; Just before I was dxd, my gp, thinking I had ringworm, prescribed the drug Griseofulvin :eek: (very bad drug for Lupies as it increases the symptoms of a flare), I was already experiencing pain and fatigue on a grand scale, but had no idea yet that I had Lupus or was flaring. Anyhow, I took the drug, and within 2 hrs. the fatigue was so bad that I couldn't even lift my head off of the couch (no kidding).......I remember laying there and thinking "what if the house catches fire? I'm only 5 foot away from the door, but there is no way I'm getting out." 2 wks later I saw a rhuemy for the first time and when she asked my symptoms, I told her I had "death fatigue", after looking at me like I was a brick short of a full load, she said "what?!?" I then explained to her that if I ever had to evacuate, even a few feet, to save my own life, I couldn't and would therefore die. She seemed a little shocked by my description, but it was the only way I could think of to get across to her how bad it was:sad: .
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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