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Once Weekly Vitamin D

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Hello Everyone,

Just back from Rhuemy,

He can't seem to get my "diseases" in remission. His words. Anyway, because I can't seem to even go on a walk, without getting so ill, I am bedbound for a week..

He want's me to taper from 10 mgs, of pred. He said to call him, if I can't.

What can he do? I know, I won't be able to go lower. I have been trying, and get very sick. I lose my appetite, so forth.. and basically and a breathing shell.

He was concerned I am not getting enough vitamin D in my diet. I already took daily supplements, but he put me on Cholecalciferol 10,000 IU.

It's brand name is Maximum D3.

I thought I would share this info with you. This med is made in the USA, with inredients from the USA, Belgium, and Switzerland. It can be ordered on line, if your not able to obtain it over the counter in your local pharmacy. :)

I do hope your all feeling well, this beautiful day. :)

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I am sorry that lupus is giving you such a terrible time.:(

I hope that your rhumey can help you get it under control.

Thank you for the information about Maxium D3.
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