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One month post op pics

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I'm one month out from my weight loss surgery and thought I would share some pics. I've lost 20 pounds since my surgery, but a total of 92 pounds.
Before pic
Joint Shoulder Picture frame Sleeve Standing

Taken 3/1/09
View attachment 216 Smile Standing Waist Flooring Knee


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Thanks everyone!! I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. My goal is to lose another 134 pounds. That will put me at 150 pounds (I can't remember when I ever saw that number on a scale).

Maia - Luckily, I'm a clothes hound and I have kept my clothes from years (and sizes) past so I have a few wardrobes that I can go through before I need to start buying. But I have already lost 3 or 4 sizes, so I will be shopping at the goodwill as the weather gets warmer. AND I'm getting rid of all the big clothes - I'm never going to be that big again! But it does feel strange to give away clothes. LOL.
LazyLegs, I don't have Lupus, my mom had it. I just lost her in January (6 days prior to my surgery) and have been posting and reading on the site for quite a while. I guess it helps me feel close to her to still be here...or something... I would imagine the effect of it would depend on what medications a person is on. With the bypass, I don't absorb everything I take in, and that includes my medication. Luckily I'm pretty healthy (other then my weight) and I seem to get enough of my Effexor XR to keep me on an even keel. I do know other people that have had problems - especially with treating bipolar and manic symptoms. They just don't absorb enough of their medications to keep them stable.

Mary - Thank you! I can't wait to shopping in a "normal" store and be able to find things that fit!!
Lola - I sure will! :) This is an exciting journey, even though it is a hard one.
Thanks Tammy and Birdie. I feel better every day! I think this is best thing I've ever done for myself.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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