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One more Chemo to go:)

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Well i have to be honest and say i wont be sorry...

Its been harder than i thought..

my periods have stopped ! :)

Early meno has begun:( whats with these flushes...omg sooo bad !!

seems i cant have HRT because of the APS and they said no herbal my fans on overdrive....

The chemo regime has gone on longer because my white cells and othet results have been playing up....

So last one in 3 weeks...i then declear a forum chocolate party ! x x x
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Hey Christine

Sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment.... but it looks like there is some form of light at the end of the tunnel

I hope you are feeling better soon and I am so up for a chocolate party Yeah!:lol:

Claire :hug:
I will lift a cup of chocolate you you Christine....

Wishing you health:)

Hello Christine

I bet you will be glad it's over soon. Didn't they warn you about periods stopping? There are various coping devices for hot flashes - many people find they are triggered by hot drinks. Have you noticed any benefits yet?

All the best
Count me in on that Chocolate Party!

All the best with the last treatment!

Take care and get lots of rest!\


Hi Christine,

I'm sorry to hear that it has been so tough for you.

Even though I haven't touched a piece of chocolate for at least a month now, I will break my fast and have a square with you all...:)

oh bless you all..

Yes Clare they did say this may happen....and i am i am told at "that age" lol x

Well done for hanging in there.

I have friends who recommend a pillow called a Chillow for the overheating/flushing, especially at night. I can't afford one but compromise with a camping ice pack wrapped in a thing towel for the back of my neck!!!

I too was told no herbs etc for menopause symptoms. But the menopause specialist I saw said to eat soya products. I am doing wonderful things with tofu these days. ;)

Keeping air moving is the thing, I am sitting here with a fan blowing too!
And brazening it out when in public. That took some time to get used to when I have sweat pouring over my bright red face.

I hope you get through this last lot of chemo and feel much more yourself. I will look out for the chocolate party.

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Hi Christine,
I didn't know you were going through this.Thinking of you,:hug:
Hi Christine :)

Nice to hear from you. Im sure you will be very glad to get to the end of this treatment:hugbetter: I hope it really makes a difference to your health overall.

Count me in on the chocolate party!

Here's a donation:

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hi Christine

you probably only need to avoid the phytoestrogens, but you could likely take other products like vitamin E and EPO. Doctors are often very lazy and say 'no natural products' because they don't know the difference !

I am on hrt and have APS, but I am on coumadin. Even Dr Hughes agrees with hrt if provided the person is fully anticoagulated, so I figure I am in good company. I am on a patch, which has a much better profile in terms of clots compared with oral hrt, but again this is something that many doctors don't know anything about.

I have cyclo with avengence, I am glad you will have it over and done with soon


Hi Christine,

It is great that you are near the end of your treatment. :)

I know what you mean about the hot flashes.:hug: Those are soooo bad. I hate it when they hit me at the check out counter when I am shopping.:blush2:

Take care and the chocolate party sounds good.
Hi raglet...
I too am on warfarin...but because my inr is is bouncy !!!! trying to stabilise it is a massive problem...i have my own coag machine which is wonderful...

I will have to see how things go....

Thanks ladies x x
totally with you on the bouncy inr. I have a coaguchek which I love, as i have to test at least weekly and honestly I just don't have enough spare time to go sit in a lab everyweek. They are also fabulous for travel, though when I went to Canada I managed to take EXPIRED test strips with me ...... aaarrrgggghhhhh !!!!!!!!!! I was just SO sure my inr was low, that in the end I just increased it 1mg and really noticed a difference, so I think I my guess was right. I can't get medical insurance for APS (or lupus) when I travel, so going to get a blood test was out of the question.

hope that nasty old cytoxan is over and done very soon


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