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In my 29 years, I've dated just about every kind of man out there... from 38 year old closet D&D players to Duke Law Students to whatever... but I've never dated a doctor, for obvious reasons...

Well, I've finally given in and after several attempts by him to coerce me into some sort of chummy relationship, here we are...

I am normally 100% honest w/people about my lupus as it becomes appropriate b/c I find it easier to let them know in advance that I'm not 100% all the time...

This guy, however, I don't think I can tell him... Doctors are my sworn enemy after all I've been through... So many of them think people w/multiple symptoms are sick in the head instead of physically sick and I'm terrified he'll be one of those...

So, just posting to vent... first time I've ever considered not disclosing my lupus. I feel like I shouldn't even date him, I know I could never marry a doctor... I mean, I worry no doctor would marry me... it's just hard...

I guess I know how other people feel when they date me now... (I work in mental health...and guys get really insecure... I get it...)

Any suggestions on how to just be in the moment and not let his job make me brand him enemy?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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