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Opinions on Supplements

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I've read that you need to be careful on the type of supplement you select to complement your SS benefits.
That sometimes some supplemental insurance companies won't cover pre-existing conditions, which of course, I have many.

I would so appreciate any recommendations, whether you have found the AARP supplement or the Blue Cross, Blue Shield ones better or any other info you might have regarding the type of supplements to have and how they work.

Thank you,

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Hi Sue, This past June I lost one of my best friends. For many years he was on kidney dialysis and medicare covered only a portion. When he turned 65, he bought a supplemental thru Mutual of Omaha. They paid all that medicare would not. Then he was dx with lung cancer and we lost him 9 months after he got the supplemental. His pre-exsisting problems never played a factor in receiving supplemental insurance. He paid $100.00 a month for it. I recently heard that if you are on disability you can buy supplemental insurance and not have to wait till you turn 65. I have another friend that is very disappointed with BCBS and tried to change to Mutual, and they would not allow it. You just have to shop around and ask alot of questions till you find what is best for you. Good Luck, Rosie
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