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opinions please????

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hi all, i posted on here a few days ago regarding my suspected lupus symptoms, i have had the first load of blood tests back as follows?

MPO negative
P-ANCA was obscured by a positive ANA
Vasculitis screen showed a raised CRP and ESR

Does this mean anything to anyone, i understand that a positive ANA means there is a good chance i have lupus???

I would appreciate any opinions or advice. I also went to see the rumatologist today (first visit) who said he would run a complete range of blood tests to see whats going on but didnt offer an opinion. Also to add, i have quite bad arthritis anyway and due to a rare growth condition i have osteoporosis in my hip (they are doing a bone scan to see if it is elsewhere)

many thanks annie xxxxxxxxxxx
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The positive ANA can be significant depending on the titre, if it's 1:320 or higher then it is much more likely to be due to autoimmune disease.

The ESR and CRP being elevated is a general indication that you have inflammation, but does not really offer any clue as to why. These are often raised in active SLE, but can be raised for many other reasons. This is why the rheumatologist is running additional tests before making any sort of diagnosis.

But it looks like you're on your way to a diagnosis or some sort, and hopefully some helpful treatment very soon. When is your follow up appointment?
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