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Hi Bex,

Yes the C3 & C4 can be low in Lupus, but not in everyone with Lupus. It's a very individual thing our blood results. There is no one blood test to diagnose Lupus, it's diagnosed on a combination of blood abnormalities and meeting criteria for the disease. These criteria are posted at the top of this forum, if you have any then it's a good idea to jot them down and inform your GP. Some of them you may not think important enough to mention but along with other symptoms they can help a doctor sort it all out :)

I guess they have done the normal first screening test the ANA? That would be the first test they would run on most suspected cases of autoimmune disease, so I would find out if it's been done and what your results were.

Eosonophils are more likely to be high in allergic and autoimmune diseases.
I did look up one site and it said a low reading can point to a problem with overproducing cortisol in the body or alcoholic intoxication :hehe:

It's very common for us to have an increase in symptoms before our period, I know myself I had worse joint and muscle pain, disabling fatigue etc. and then felt a little better once I started. That seems to be the case with a lot of Rheumatic diseases for some reason.

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