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Oral Surgery While On Cellcept and Prednisone

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I broke off a big chunk, of one of my molar's. I went in to the dentist today, to get a cleaning, and prep work, for a temporary crown.

Out of the blue, my dentist, told me that she needed to extract a wisdom tooth, (today). Apparently, the tooth was super imposing, and causing gum problems for me, and she didn't think she could get a good fit on my molar, for a crown, until this wisdom tooth was removed.

I had to make a split second decision, as to have the wisdom tooth removed, or not. I told her to go ahead and do it. I didn't know, if I should be prescribed antibiotics, because of the risk of infection. (The dentist, didn't seem to know, either).

She went ahead and prescribed amoxicillan. Is this a good idea? I am taking 2000 mgs of Cellcept a day..and 7 1/2 mgs of prednisone.

Has anyone else, experienced this? If so, how did your dentist deal with it?

Just curious..Thank you, for any and all responses. Your all so very helpful, when these situations come up. :)

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I had two wisdom teeth taken out last year - I was on pred, aza, and had recently had a dose of rituximab. The dentist gave me amoxicillin, and I didn't get any infections. I had a mini-joint flare up a week or so later though.

Hope that helps :hehe:
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