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Like most people here I hate going to the DR. I know I should probably go more if I do go I know there is something wrong.
My original Ear Nose Throat Dr. was the one who orig. suspected Lupus and sent me to Rheumy. He has since sold his practise and we now have a super duper slick practise . So I've ben having problems with my ears for ages....I can't hear properly, they swell on the outside they are so sore outside and inside...they itch like crazy...I'm dizzy , I feel sick.
The new Dr. I shall call him Dr.Dolittle, as he did little, gave me at least 30 seconds of his precious time....and said 'can't see anything wrong'.....
I have since been to a new DR. who diagnosed cronic Otitis , and I have to go back again on Tuesday as there are 'complications'....I'm supposed to fly to UK on Wednesday. to finalise the house and mums death ect. hope i can fly.
It just proves again to me....just because they wear a whilte coat they are not GOD and they can make a mistake......:mad::mad::mad::mad:

Our local butcher wears a white overall too!!!

Love Marika
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Oh my goodness Marika - thank God you went back

That sure sounds very painful. I hope they give you the go ahead to fly. The last thing you want is a perforated ear drum though:sad:

Apparently all trapped gas expands by about 30% at normal aircraft cabin cruising altitude so if you have a lot of swelling there already, then a flight will increase this. Have a good chat with that doctor on Tuesday and I guess you will have to make a judgement call at the last minute.

If they recommend you dont fly, make sure you get a proper note/cert from them. Hope you have cancellation insurance? Of course the flight is usually the least of the worries - its all the other things that you have probably lined up to coordinate your visit :hugbetter:

Many hugs Marika. I loved your comparison between your doc and the local butcher :wink2:

Luv n stuff
Oh dear Marika, all that really doesn't sound to good.

Definitely make sure you ask before flying as ears are always hyper sensitive to flying anyway, never mind when you have a problem.

It sounds terribly painful. I used to have recurrent, almost back-to-back otitis as a child and I can still remember the pain of it...:(

I know someone who had something very similar - basically infection caused a cyst in the inner ear and her main symptom was hearing loss. They finally were able to give her a diagnosis after doing a CT scan. She had complications too in that this cyst was invasive and destroyed some bones in her inner ear... looks like there will be a need for surgery again for her.

Shame on that doctor for only spending 10 seconds with you and declaring you were OK. I'd write a letter of complaint somewhere over that one and/or try to get my money back. If this is your problem, this gal I know *was* able to fly without problems. Here's a link on it:
hi there.

:rolleyes: and yet again i read another person who feels like they are going round in circles me too for a lot of years... Funny really i started having my problems in Germany when i was based out there with the army..general tiredness {oh you are just a bit run down get some rest} so that's what i did but then struggled to get out of bed most of the time pain was unbearable... usual blood test came back as anemic but some thing else major E.S.R levels {inflammation factors} so that was it then must be rheumatoid arthritis was sent to a German specialist who did actually mention the word lupus never heard of it before! but they eventually went down the arthritis route.
Solution being pain killers and ant-inflammatories. Things were ok for a few years untill i had my daughter(had moved back to U.K by this time) still treating me just for the arthritis i was not well enough to even look after my new baby tryed all kinds of medication nothing worked... then three years after she was born they decide its lupus as well as arthritis thats when we turned a corner with the meds....Fingers crossed we are on the right combination. I hope this gives you some hope that things will get better with time anytime you need to chat
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So just got back from the new Dr. I have cronic exma (splg) in my ears, so I've got new cortisone's OK to fly tmrrw. and I have to go back in 14 days. Just want to get everything sorted out in UK. then I can concentrate on myself.

Hi Marika,

That sounds pretty bad excema that can have such an effect :( I hope it clears up quickly.

At least now you can have one less worry and take your flight. I hope everything get sorted relatively easily and that after you can take a lot of "you" time. I think you have deserved it and it is long overdue.

Many hugs :hug:

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