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Ovarian Cancer

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Our daughter has had lupus for about 2 1/2 years and is now 31. She has been gradually feeling better but having fall backs every now and then. Her doctors have recently discovered that her ovaries are enlarged. The idea of ovarian cancer is frightening and her doctors are not quite sure what is going on right now. I would love any information or comments. Thanks
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Hi Ginny,

I'm sorry about this new worry for your daughter.

Has she actually been told she has ovarian cancer, or are you worrying about the worst case scenario?

There are several other possibilities, for example polycystic ovary syndrome. I presume she is seeing a gynacologist? Are there plans to take a look at the ovaries surgically? Has she had her hormone levels checked?

Here is a link about PCOS:

Keep us upated, and I hope the best for yout daughter.

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I have Lupus (although I did not know it at the time) when I was 34 I had ovarian cancer. They removed my left ovary and 1/3 of my uterus. Due to my age and no involvement with the right ovary the oncologist decided to leave it alone but he tied my tube.

I go to the Gyno every 6 months with out fail and have done so for 13 years (since OC) everything was fine for years. In 1994/5 I was DX with Lupus and since then my remaining ovary has been enlarged 6 times.

I have all of the screening done for OC and never had a recurrance. My Gyno/oncologist feels that the enlarged ovary is due to hormones and medication.

I would have you daughter get the blood test for BC and OC, its not usually covered by insurance and is expensive, but it should set your minds at ease or confirm the suspicion...

OC if caught early can be removed and treated. I was very lucky, but I no longer trust my luck and take every opportunity to ensure my health is carefully monitored.

If you wish to talk, or your daughter does, please PM me anytime.

Thanks - Stephanie
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Hi Ginny,
If both ovaries are enlarged it would be unlikely to be cancer more likely polycystic ovaries. I am not a doctor however.

I hope they can give you some positive news soon. Presumably they aim to do an abdominal ultrasound asap.

Very best of luck
Ovarian Cancer

Thank you all for your thoughtful and informative responses to my message. Mandy is seeing a gynecologist regularly and has a wonderful lupus doctor. She is going in for her second ultra sound next week to see how the ovaries look. Her doctor did say that cancer would be unusual with both ovaries enlarged and her last test showed no cysts. I think that she is pretty stressed out, just returned to grad school, and more worried about the ovary problem than she realizes. She came down with a migrane earlier tonight and hasn't had one of those in almost 3 years.

She has wonderful times when she feels good and takes such good care of herself...I call her my "earth muffin"....

I will stay in are all so nice to talk to me and to share your experiences and give such good information.

Ginny :)
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