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I have Lupus (although I did not know it at the time) when I was 34 I had ovarian cancer. They removed my left ovary and 1/3 of my uterus. Due to my age and no involvement with the right ovary the oncologist decided to leave it alone but he tied my tube.

I go to the Gyno every 6 months with out fail and have done so for 13 years (since OC) everything was fine for years. In 1994/5 I was DX with Lupus and since then my remaining ovary has been enlarged 6 times.

I have all of the screening done for OC and never had a recurrance. My Gyno/oncologist feels that the enlarged ovary is due to hormones and medication.

I would have you daughter get the blood test for BC and OC, its not usually covered by insurance and is expensive, but it should set your minds at ease or confirm the suspicion...

OC if caught early can be removed and treated. I was very lucky, but I no longer trust my luck and take every opportunity to ensure my health is carefully monitored.

If you wish to talk, or your daughter does, please PM me anytime.

Thanks - Stephanie
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