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A month ago my doctor made a statement that floored me. Of course with my brain functioning at its minimum after being out in the heat and humidity, I didn't reply fast enough with made me feel retarded.

He said, I was maintaining my weight over the past year. I didn't gain nor did I lose. :rolleyes:

To me that is a good thing, I must be doing something right, but obviously it wasn't good enough for him.

He's got the doctrine, He thinks he knows better than i do about my body.

After telling him i had to drug myself up with muscle relaxants and pain killers to keep my back(2 slipped disks), my fibromyalgia and my arthritis from hurting enough so i could exercise. And that I was able to walk the tread mill for 30mins to an hour everyother day or so. He replied: The weight you have is not coming from the air. You have to exercise every day. Start with 15mins every day and see what you can do.

It was like i was talking to a brick wall. All of a sudden this KID(my daughters age) decided he knows what is best for me to lose weight. Never mind the fact, he was not there to advise me how to lose the excess weight after have 2 children.

So now i'm disabled. He seems to think that gives him the right to judge me, ignore what i said and become my absent personal trainer.

Well, i went home on that big depression bus that took me a month to get off of. You know, the bus that has all of the comfort foods (fatty foods) you want, lets you sleep all day and night with no desire to do anything or go anywhere. But i upped my antidpressants (as he said i could) and realized, he's just an idiot with a PH.D.
Some of his knowledge is welcome, but anything else is Blah Blah........ Blah, Blah Blah Blah.................Blah, Blah.

This month, my recent visit with him, I weighed in 10 lbs heavier. Of course, he mentions it and asked what happened. HAHAHAHAHA:lol::lol::lol::lol:

With a big smile on my face and with so much glee,(thats the antidepressant working), i wanted to burst. :bigsmile: I said: Weeell, I WAS, exercising an hour a day every other day,, BUT, you said that wasn't enough.

I think you just didn't believe me.

SOOO, YOU, told me to exercise 15mins every day, doing that i ended up gaining weight.
It seems as though what i was doing was right after all.
Then i said: don't worry,, i have started back on my old routine of 1hr every other day on bike or treadmill. Still druging my self before and after my work outs, but eventually it will burn off. :bigsmile:

All He could do was chuckle (like when you have been thproughly humiliated) and bowed his head down into my file in embarrasment.:bigsmile:

Needless to say,, that subject was closed. :bigsmile:

I would like to THANK EVERYONE for their support, during this time. I could not have pulled through it without you. :)

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You do make me laugh, well done you!

I hope you are staying well!


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