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Overweight, Underweight, Just Right ??

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Can I be nosey...
Are you overweight, underweight or just right ?

I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks after starting Plaquenil because of nausea and diahrrea... and that is prompting this question... I know this will pass... but I'm curious about others weight...

I'm considered 'obese' as per my BMI and my doctor...:eek:

Would you mind sharing....
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Hi Blue Mist,

I am in the normal range. The only time I usually gain is when I am flaring thus doing less activity or on high doses of Prednisone.

Take care,
I am horribly overweight. I had gained a fair bit of weight after going to 30 mg of prednisone a couple of years ago. Then I suddenly lost 50 pounds without any effort. I figured it was from the Methotrexate. Then I found out I had diabetes from the prednisone. Not happy about the diagnosis, but it forced me to eat better which was good. Then a couple of months later, I got pericarditis back and was quickly up to 80 mg of prednisone. My face is so fat I can't eat without biting my cheeks. I said I look like a chipmunk with nuts shoved into the cheeks of my mouth. Funny, but not really. So that's where I am. I'm sure I gained the 50 pounds back and then some. Plus I have neropathy and muscle weakness in my knees and quads, so I can't walk on my own. I can only a short walk with a walker and am in the wheel chair most of the day. The prednisone also makes me eat and eat and eat. I find I don't get full. I'm not necessarily hungry, but I keep eating. I hate that. Now that I'm back down to 20 mg, that feeling will go away.

Sorry, but I guess I'm not in a happy place these days. I'm okay though, because I have a lot of time to work on my music. I've been writing music, recording and playing my guitar a lot. I have a little travel guitar that I can play in wheel chair. The full size guitars are a little awkward!

I am happy for you (honestly). I went off Plaquinel after about a year or so because they said it wasn't doing anything for me. I wonder if they should give it another try sometimes. There has to be a miracle drug out there for me somewhere!

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I am overweight :(.
I was a size 10 -12, my weiught always used to go up and down abit but since oct last year i have just blown up.
I was diagnosed hypotrhyroid in Jan, so that started it and since i have not been able to get the weight off. Sometimes i feel like i amd getting somewhere but then no, I 'm almost past caring.

I am now a size 14-16.

I am also diabetic, i don't think is due to my diet as it has been much better, i think this is more related to medications.

Cassie :)
I'm afraid I'm overweight too....:(

I've gained 60lbs in total and like the others, I was once a 10-12 and I'm now a 16:blush:

Not sure which is the lesser of the two evils: the weight gain & issues caused by Prednisolone or the aches and pains/inflammation of the illness :sad:

My aim is to lose all 60lbs by next summer :wink2:

normal range according to BMI


I am over my "usual weight" but not overweight. When I flare whether active, inactive, on meds, off meds...I gain weight but do so relatively slowly and thankfully since I started taking meds have remained stable.

I'm one of the lucky ones that hasn't gained weight due to meds (including prednisolone).

I would like to lose some especially as it should help my joints and the pain in my feet (or at least one would hope so) but I'm not too worried about it as for me the benefits of prednisolone etc. outweigh the disadvantage for the moment and things have to be kept in perspective. Of course that's easy to say for me as I am not greatly overweight and other people (except docs) don't usually notice really.

I'm technically not quite overweight - I gained about 15 kilos during 2yrs on pred, and have lost a bit now, but still have about 10kg to go to my ideal (prefered) weight of 55kg. My BMI is 24, but I'm small boned so I reckon I'm overweight:blush::(:blush:.


I have put on a fair bit of weight and am just tipping onto the overweight category but doc has said it is marginal and I was not to even think about weight loss as a priority. I always used to be a bit underweight (under 10 stone and 5 ft 10 inches tall). I have gone up from a size 10/12 to a 16/18.

I want to get back down to size 14/16 but just started prednisilone again so unless I can burn this fat off I am stuck with it. I don't look fat, I look in proportion but used to be model slim so it was a bit depressing until I adjusted mentally. Only bonus with weight gain is I have boobs for the first time ever, I was flat as Twiggy before!;)

Biggest problem is that at my height the options for clothes were always less and now they are hopeless unless you like the Dawn French tent style :rotfl:eek:f dressing, so I am starting a pattern cutting course to get my dressmaking skills matched with a pattern that fits. I also buy a lot of men's clothes and alter them.

I have never ever had weight loss with lupus... is it because people lose appetite or do they eat and still lose weight? Any answer to that would be great.

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I have gained weight I think its combined with not being at all active, comfort eating because I am at home (but hey whats a few bars of chocolate and I have to help my little girl too :lol:) and being on and off steroids.
I have always been between an 8-10 and now I am 12-14 which isn't huge I know but when your used to being fairly small it is a big change.
The other thing that used to bother me was my hair I had always had long hair but when it came out I ended up shaving it off (again with weight I didn't move out the house so was eating crisps, choc you know all the healthy option nibbles)!!!

Sure, I will share my story but let me tell you that after I share it I am sure you will all be happy with your weight, be it over or under weight. I wish I could turn back the clock.

In August 2004 I wore a size 26...weighed in at 354lbs at 5 feet 8" tall and I am very large boned. I was extremely obese and NOT HAPPY with who I was.

I had Gastric Bypass surgery and 2 1/2 years later (January 2007) I was down to 220 lbs and a size 18 clothes. I loved my size, felt proportioned and content. Hey I could bend over and tie my shoes so who wouldn't be happy...however according to the books and the doctors I will still very overweight and they were not happy.:eek::eek::eek:

Then I landed in the Emergency Room with the worst pain known to man in January 2007. Very long story short I had a scope down the throat and low and behold severe ulcers in what was left of my stomach and my small to the Gastroenterologist I go.

She put me on all kinds of proton pump inhibitor drugs to supress acid and heal ulcers...............NOTHING WORKED AND I GOT WORSE.

In July 2007 I underwent a 6 hour surgery to have a good portion of my intestines removed and what was left of my stomach was taken out. Now I was left with my esophagus attached to my small intestine and unable to eat. 10 days later I was released from the hospital and sent home.

I came home with a tube up my nose that went down into my intestines and a J tube to be fed through. How do you spell NIGHTMARE??? I lived with this for over 2 months and back into surgery to have it removed.

Now January 2008...only 4 months later I was back in the Emergency Room and guess what.....a 9 centimeter ulcer had formed in 6 short months. I was unable to even keep liquids down and was close to death!!! How can one form a ulcer with no stomach to produce acid??? To this day no one knows the answer.

I went to **** and back again, test after test trying to figure out how this happened and to this day I have zero answers. For the rest of my life I have to take triple doses of Nexium, Zantac and Carafate suspension and pray that this works and keeps this problem at bay.

Today, I am 120 pounds, still very large boned, no one recognizes me and I look anorexic. When I run into people who I know that have not seen me in a while and I say Hello..........clearly they do not know me. When they realize who I am they all say, "Oh my Gosh what happened to you"?

Moral of the story ladies..........BE HAPPY WITH WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU LOOK!!! If I could I would share this story with all of the women in the world who judge themselves based on what a scale says, doctors say or a BMI Index.

I would give me eye tooth to be the person I was in 2004....the one who could not tie her shoes.

This is my story..............arent ya glad ya asked!:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

The doc
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Hi Karol,

First, hugs and more hugh! I'm so sorry that you have had to endure this nightmare. I share some of your story. Before I had Lupus, RA and Sjogrens, I was obese - 275 pounds. I also had gastric bypass. I lost 125 pounds and felt like a new person. I was now no longer fearful of plane sits and restaurant booths. My first problem started with an ulcer. I will be on Aciphex the rest of my life to control it. I then developed my autoimmune issues. My doctor can't say whether the gastric bypass caused my diagnosis or not. Do to the drugs and lack of activity, I have put back 15 pounds. I don't know if knowing what I do if I would do it again. My doctor feels I could be facing all my issues with an additional 120 pounds, so she feels I'm better off, but I'm not so sure. I haven't read anything linking bariatric surgery to autoimmune diseases, but my gut feeling is that it is.

You are a strong lady and I thank you for sharing your story.

Someone always comes along and has to be different... and that someone is me :(

I am grossly underweight :( I'm 5ft 10", and after years and years of trying managed ti get myself to just over the 9 stone point on the scales. I was over the moon. But when my 2nd and worst ever lupus flare happened about a month ago I've dropped in weight to around 8 1/2 stone :(

Absolutely gutted as I know I'm going to be on that long hard road to putting the weight back on.

I truly do not understand as I eat sooooo much. In fact, at time I worry as my appetite is so much. I'd eat a proper dinner at 8, and by 10 I'm really hungry again and would need to eat ice cream or cereal just to quench the hunger a little. And then around 3am my stomach would be rumbling again for more food.

I've had a million thyroid checks which have all come out negative (thankfully) and so the dr just puts it down to a very high metabolism.

I'm going to start going to the gym again soon and push those weights again to see if that helps me in my quest for an extra stone!
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I am glad you shared your story but incredibly sorry to hear that you had to go through that and are still going through it.

You are, of course, quite right and I think it is a good reminder to us all!

I was constantly thinking about my extra weight but no-one else was bothered including hubby. It's easy to blame pred too though I knew I had only gained 2 kilos with pred. Then, while reducing pred, I got those relatively severe breathing problems that some have heard about. Since then my weight seems a lot less important than breathing properly.

Society is also incredibly hard on us for this. I remember not long ago being at an evening with friends and the other women there couldn't stop going on about their weight and dieting and how to reduce. None were obese, they were just "normal". I kept my trap shut and certainly couldn't have joined in as I had just got over my breathing episode and was worshipping the pred that helped me breathe again.

hugs again to you Karol, that is a truly awful experience,
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I'm normal weight, but can vary from underweight to nearly overweight (BMI of not quite 25) depending on what I eat, and what I do, and my disease activity/prednisone dosage.

Karol, did they test you for H. Pylori infection and treat for that too or just do all the antacids? That does sound like a nightmare. I hope you are able to eat a little bit more over the years and not have to stick to those extremely small bites to serve as a meal. A friend of mine had the surgery and it was a success story for her other than needing her gallbladder out immediately. Recently however, she's gained most all of it back. Guess the stomach can be stretched out over time...
Karol, Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry that you had to go thru all of that... sounds like a nightmare. You've enlightened me... :hug:
Maia;519095 said:
I'm normal weight, but can vary from underweight to nearly overweight (BMI of not quite 25) depending on what I eat, and what I do, and my disease activity/prednisone dosage.

Karol, did they test you for H. Pylori infection and treat for that too or just do all the antacids? That does sound like a nightmare. I hope you are able to eat a little bit more over the years and not have to stick to those extremely small bites to serve as a meal. A friend of mine had the surgery and it was a success story for her other than needing her gallbladder out immediately. Recently however, she's gained most all of it back. Guess the stomach can be stretched out over time...

I do not have H-pylori yet sometimes I wish I did. That would be a easy fix compared to the surgery I went through.
Yes, the stomach can stretch so your always at risk of gaining weight back if your not careful.
I no longer have that stomach so I do not have that worry. I will never gain the weight back.
The amount of food I eat is comparable to a 3 year old...........very sad!:sad:
Thanks everyone.

I just wanted to make the happy with who you are.

Your lovely no matter what your size is.:wink2::wink2::wink2:
Overweight but losing safely

I've been overweight since I became severely depressed and put on lithium, I broke my hip and split my femur in half, two surgeries and two and a half years later I started to walk again. I lost 130 pounds while in the wheel chair. But then depression and symptoms started of lupus and RA, and prednisone so back up the weight went. I am 5 foot 6 inches and got back up to 368 pounds. Now I am at 322 because of the special diet for my gastroparesis and glucose intolerance. Though now I don't have an appetite at all. I force myself to eat healthy foods and not starve the weight off. The gastroparesis limits things I can eat to no fresh fruit or veggies that are not cooked to death. I tried reglin (not sure of spelling) but it gave me severe cramping and I was unable to take it at all. I'm feeling ok where I am, I want to be healthier and eat well and exercise like the doc has suggested. I am gauging my health by how I feel and not pounds, though I am glad to see that number go down for reasons of blood pressure, cholesterol and the blockages in my legs.
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Karly1964;519197 said:
I am gauging my health by how I feel and not pounds,
Good for you Karly.:wink2::wink2::wink2:

And I bet your a beautiful woman!!!:)
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