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I have the same thing Lupus and aniti-phospolipid syndrome. I had a procedure a couple of years or so ago to insert an IV filter, so they could insert a chest tube. While I wasn't put out, it was still a surgical procudure. I haven't read the aritcle mentioned in the other post yet, but with me they gave me serval units of plasma to reverse the effect of the blood thinner. Because I was at risk for clotting again, they put in the IV filter, because of my history of blood clots. After the surgery was done, they put me on fragmin and then started the coumadin over again. It's a pain to go through the process, but I had no problems really. When I was there I asked the nurse what they do with patients like ourselves where heavy bleeding is involved. Plasma is the answer.

I understand your fear and frustration, but I'm sure everything will be okay.


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