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Hi All,
I just need to whine.:worried: I just spent a week in the hospital and I won't know a whole lot until my next dr's appt in 2 weeks. I am exhausted and need to recover from a hospital stay-pathetic-huh???
Anyway, I was in for a seizure study and I ending up having SEVERE MIGRAINES along with everything else.
I am having female problems and I need to get that taken care of which may mean a hysterectomy.
My back is worse and now they are sending me now to a neuro surgeon instead of am orthopedic surgeon. They changed all of this after my most recent x-rays. What does this mean?:hehe: I am confused(which doesn't take much:lol: )
I also have had all my tummy tests done, so now just an appt. to see the gastro and learn what we are dealing with.
My hubby called my disability lawyer and she now claims my court date is NOT June 4th-I am sooooooo ticked off.
When can all of this be done?????? I am tired and I am not driving-thanks to the seizures, so it is not easy getting to an from appts.
Sorry to be such a downer, but I am just sooooooo very tired of all this.

Thank you my friends for all you do!!!!!!!!!

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goodness me!!! I am not surprised you are feeling overwhelmed!!:eek: you certainly have more than your fair share to deal with at the moment :sad:

I was wondering how you were becca,I'm sorry you are going through so much :worried:

I wish you lot's of luck with your appointments..very frustrating not being able to drive,I have been in the same situation & it feels like your freedom has been taken away!

hang in there becca,you are a very positive lady...but it's impossible to remain positive all the time! & you are certainly entitled to complain :) I hope you get some answers soon :luck: :fingers: ....

sending you big,sympathetic hugs :there: :grhug:
love karen x
Dear Becca, sending lots of hugs, and I agree hospital is tiring, you are not being feeble.
X Lola
Awww Becca - I can't believe what you've been through recently. I'm sure the rest of the year will just get better for you.

Is there anyone else that you would trust to go to the appointments with you. I know you are in such a difficult situation right now with hubby's job etc.

Sending you virtual cocktails to ease the pain - sorry they can't be real ones but that's all we can both manage at the moment LOL. Maybe one day we'll get that beach party eh?


Pam xxxx
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Oh my! You certainly are having to deal with a lot of things all at one time. Do you have one doctor that is coordinating all of this? :hug: Is there something nice you can do to pamper yourself now that your home? Please try and take it easy. All the various doctors will sort you out eventually.

Are there any social groups you and your husband are involved with? Even if you haven't been in a long time a call for help with driving will likely yield some help. You should also be eligible for the transportation program that will pick you up at home and drop you off at the doctors and then back again. The cost is negligible but you can spend more time than normal getting back and forth as there will be other people on the mini-bus.

Take care,
Hi Becca,

I don't blame you for being overwhelmed ((((((((Becca)))))))))) That's an awful lot to get your head around. I have everything crossed that your docs sort this all out for you soon, at least you are making some headway on things, it's a shame it took a trip to hospital to get that to happen :(

I'm sending cyber Swiss chocolates and a virtual margarita :hugbetter:


My goodness you certainly have a plate full.:(

I don't know how anybody can get rest in the hospital. Seems like you fall asleep and they wake you to see if you want a sleeping pill.;)

Please take care of yourself and get plenty of TLC.:hug:


Your not being a downer at all! Anyone, would feel overwhelmed by what you have been dealing with.

I reading and responding, that I could make it better.

Just know, that you have my understanding, and well wishes...Take Care of yourself.

No wonder you are overwhelmed. My goodness you have had a lot going on.

Others gave good advice. I hope that your next appointment will bring you a better explanation of things.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest, rent movies and be pampered.

Sending you get well wishes and I will be praying for you that things turn around soon.

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Dear Becca

Im really sorry to hear you are having such a terrible time. No wonder you feel overwhelmed :sad:

Im afraid I dont know what it means that they have changed you to a neurosurgeon but I would definitely make it your business to ask. Perhaps your husband can enquire if you arent feeling up to it?

I cant add anything in the way of help or advice Becca but I wanted to let you know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hoping to goodness you get to a position of stability with this wretched disease.

Much love and strength
Becca, anyone would be overwhelmed in your situation:there: . You have an awful lot going on at once. Try not to worry about the dissability date, not a lot you can do about that anyhow, just focus on getting rested. I hope you get more complete information soon. Isn't it weird how a lot of the time, the patient-the one directly effected by the information, is the last to know anything:huh: ? Sending lots of prayers and warm wishes, take care:)
Dear Becca

Oh gosh sweetie i am so sorry that you are going through so much these days and a stay in the hospital would be overwhelming to me and you have every right to be doing some venting.I recently had a seizure myself but hopefully the only one i willl have but everyone keeps telling me that i could loose my priveledge of my driving liscence because of it so cannot imagine all this being trhown at you(((hugs))).I sure hope you try to get away like someone said to.If anything try to buy yourself something for yourself((hugs))Take care and please keep veniting if it helps you feel somewhat better to.

hi there

I think I can answer why they have referred you to a neurosurgeon - if they are looking to do surgery around the spinal chord area, sometimes they need to get a neurosurgeon's opinion as to whether the surgery should be done by a neurosurgeon (to ensure the spinal chord is protected) or if it is ok for a general orthapedic surgeon to do it.

This happened to my niece when she had a large tumor removed from her back when she was only 4 - she had to be cleared by a neurosurgeon who felt that it was safe for an orthapaedic surgeon to do the surgery.

hope you feel better soon.


So sorry that your feeling so bad right now :(
I can't give much advice except for get lots of rest and try not to worry. (very hard I know)

Sending lots of hugs and well wishes your way!!!!

Elle x
:grhug: You all are truly the best!!!! I don't know what I would do without you. I feel like a leaky bucket-plug one hole only to let another hole burst open:lol: Thank you for your advice and support:)
I don't have any answers as of yet, but will post asap.
I appreciate each and every one of you.:grouphug2:

Hello Becca

Hi Becca,

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) to someone who needs a big hug....
I am not surprised you are overwhelmed with all that is going on in your life... Poor you... I am sorry....
Take it one day and one step at a time.. The more you worry the worse you will feel.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you... I hope you start feeling better real soon.

Love Penny
Hi all,
Well saw my neuro and it looks like it is more complex migraines than partial seizures. My grand mals seem under control from the meds.
He has me on Tegretol and Keppra. Now put me on Reglan which is great for the kill2 birds with 1 stone. I was taken off the Reglan in Feb. nut he is hoping for better results and to go up slowly on it. I had no idea it helps with migraines. He also feels it is safe for me to drive and will help to get me back on the road:)

Saw the neuro surgeon for my back and I don't mean to be mean, but it was a waste of our time. He can't say or do anything until I have a lumbar MRI:mad: Just fustrating as all get out because I wish he could have ordered it and then saw me. I am also not thrilled getting into a MRI machine seeing as I had a seizure during my last MRI and they ha to drug me to get the rest of my brain one done:tears: He said they will drug me and have a nurse on stand-by for just in case. So zippo answers here.

Seeing my GI in July(yes he is that backed up with vacation time and all, but worth it) I know the Reglan helped last time, so I pray I can stay on it.

All that is left is my female dr and optho then things should quiet down:lol:

My lawyer said my paperwork has been messed up and therefor no hearing date as Ca is back logged. :tantrum: expresses how I feel about that!!

I am finishing up a sinus infection and am starting to feel human again:rolleyes:
Our weather has cooled off rather nicely and I am praying for June Gloom.
I need a break from the sun. I would love overcast, cool weather for a change-I don't mean to whine and I could use some cheese with my whine:lol:
I just can't imagine what I would without all of you-WHAT a BLESSING you all are:grhug:
Hubby, daughter and all animals are doing great, so I really am fine:wink2:

Hugs all around,
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Becca, i just wanted to wish you lots of luck with your appt. and let you know that we are all here for you.:)
Hi Becca,

I am so sorry you are going through all this.... No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed...
I just wanted to send you a big (((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))) to let you know I am thinking of you...

Love Penny
Hooray for the reglan! Migraines are disgustingly painful and dibilitating:(. I hope the reglan gives you relief soon. I am sorry you have to go through another MRI, but, since they have a nurse standing by this time, maybe things will go smoother. It is terrible that your paperwork has been messed up etc.. and no date set, hopefully your lawyer will correct the paperwork and get a date soon.
As for the June gloom, I live in the midwest and it has been cold and dreary here forever it seems. Temperatures are running far below average, I would really like some of the sun and warmth you are having for my garden, so how about a trade for 2 wks. lol:lol:
Glad to hear your family and animals are doing well :) once the sinus infection is gone, hopefully you will feel much better. I find that when I have a sinus infection, it just slowly wears me down, and I don't really realize how bad until I am well again. Take Care:)
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