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my pain started in hips feel like charlie horses and now its all the way down to my toes on both sides i wake up everynight with leg cramps so bad im crying ive tried all little techniques my feet hurt so bad and i get charlie horse feelings in my toes where my toes almost stand up and i try to walk it out but it makes it worse this is happening not only at night but day as well mainly my toes during the day :sad: im lost at what to do i eat freaking bananas everyday:mad: i have done it all i told my rhuemy they gave me an appointment for today so hopefully he can help me does anyone have any ideas or maybe more tech to work also rheumy called and said i had high protein and bacteria in urine so i had to do a 24 hr urine what does that all mean i know its not a uti sorry just venting trying to figure out how to deal with this all i see him today so i know he will help just trying to get ideas :sad:
thanks for allowing me to vent
hope everyone is having a good day
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Hi sherry and welcome :welcome:

I moved your post so that you would have a thread of your own and hopefully get more response :)

Sorry you are having these problems but I'm glad you are able to see the Rheumy today, hopefully he will be able to shed some light on it and get you some relief :hug:

If your kidneys are playing up it can cause all sorts of hiccups as it throws a lot of things out of balance. That could be one possible cause. Let us know how you get along,

take care.


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Hi Sherry,

Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with cramping. Those muscle contractions can be very painful.

Some ideas that might help are getting enough calcium, staying hydrated, and stretching in the opposite direction of the cramp. Once the cramp takes hold try heat to help relax the muscle. If all else fails there are medications that can help.

Good luck with your appointment.

Take care,
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