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pain in face.tooth...possible trigaminial neuralgia?

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Hi there.

Ok I have to be honest, I haven't got the energy to even post at the moment and quite ill but who else to ask than my second fam here that knows ?

I have this sensitivity to a tooth area. Thought it would go away but it didn't. When air hits the area or a cold drink or rinsing mouth when rinsing makes the sharpest most painful pain happen and it went up into my cheekbone pretty high. So I said best get my butt to the dentist. Pay $85 for the visit, she took xray said no evidence of root canal needed, the filling there looks fine, no decay, maybe a little receding gum may expose the nerve try sensodine and if that don't work, we will try to replace that filling and if that don't work, then we can try to do a root canal, but again no evidence suggests that. She did the cold test and it didn't happen but then put air around the area did not happen, until a few seconds later. I said the there it is ......she says should be gone by now, I say it is not gone...lasts bout 45 second or more......hmmmmmm so I leave and get the toothpaste.

Now I yawn and I feel that jabber pain shoot downward from lower cheeck to the tooth area....hmmmm....thought maybe the air is hitting the area when I open my mouth. Who the heck knows. Then I am sitting here pressing around my nose area...ouch ! Ok so when I press to the left of my nostril on my face though, it electrifies downward into the tooth area. So maybe it is not the gum line.....and something else? What the heck?

So I google it to see and come up with this thing called trigaminial neuralgia......often misdiagnosed and dentist do all kinds of things to see if it solves it without my big question is.......anyone else have this symptom? It is swelling of the nerve and then damage vessels to it and the way the brain sends nothing about Lupus related but can it be? Nerve involvement?

It is just making me think......ever have a sensitive tooth that if you press on your face it radiates that pain?
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Hi Paula,

I have had ten root canals, I was in an accident when I was younger and it moved my teeth around and since then I have had trouble with my teeth. Whenever I needed a root canal my tooth would be sensitive to cold and hot. :eek: :eek:

If there is an abcess in that root it usually shows up on x-ray. Is your cheek in that spot swollen at all?

Sometimes if a tooth is higher than the other teeth for some reason like a new filling or teeth shifting, that tooth can become sensitive like that. {If that make sense to you.} The dentist then puts one of those blue papers that tells him if it is touching between those particular teeth and drills just a little off that tooth and the sensitivity goes away. Then it's not the first tooth to touch every time you close your mouth.

I don't know much about the neuralgia but I know when a tooth hurts that much, it get really old really fast!!!!! :(:(:(

I don't know if this helps you but I hope your tooth gets better fast! :wink2:

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oh bless i wouldnt like say ive had both too, look if the dentist is saying tooth ok go visit dr, better be safe than sorry, both hurt, but trigaminial neuralgia, stopped me from eating, it was blooming horrible, lasted what seemed for ever, gave me headache it was all down the right side of my head and face, take it easy get help

hugs Lin xxxxxxx
Hi Paula,

I would see the doc just in case, especially as the Dentist can't find anything wrong. I was similar to Lin, it was that bad I could not eat and the pain hung around for days, it was all up the side of my face, ear and into my head. I was put on Neurontin to help the nerve pain in my leg and it's gone away since then. I only get niggles these days.

:there:paula hows things with your pain??? any better xxx
Thank you for your replies.

Maybe it is not that because I can chew and eat ! If I press right next to my nose I can produce the nerve pain down to the tooth. Strange. I am using the sensodine and will try to see if it subsides.

But either way, I have a rhemo appt. on March 10 and I can wait until then, I will ask him.

But it does not sound as severe as yours do. So maybe it is not that it was just the only thing that popped up when I searched.

Yet another weird thing !
Hi Paula,

How are your sinuses? Sometimes sinus problems can cause a similar type of pain.

Take care,
Hi Paula,,

The SAME EXACT thing is happening to me. I have not seen any doctors yet about it. Have you been diagnosed with anything? How is your pain now. Has it been cured?
Hi Gina,

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