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Pain in sternum, Can anyone help?

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I am having horrible pain in my sternum and around to my back,
the dr. wants to have the dr. at the pain center at uab, put an
inj. of some kind in there for the inflammation before it gets in the
bone (is what he said) i have had these for 6 months to a year.
Has anyone every had this and what did they do?
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Have they diagnosed this as something specific then and ruled out other possible causes? I would certainly want to know what it is and have had a thorough examination done and possibly some scans to make sure it is something due to lupus inflammation instead of something else that might respond better to some other sort of treatment.

I've not had that pain before, but have had a steroid injection to help manage pain in a knee one time. Is that what they have planned to help this long term pain in the sternum problem? If so there's not much too it really. The injection hurts (big needle!) but it will help the pain within a day or two and can provide relief for a few months.
He said he thought it was condritis, and that he did't know what else to do.
they thought it was shingles at first and i tested positive for that, but never
had the rash, so we are just grabing at anything at this point.
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