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Pain in the ARM?

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Does anyone else have horrible arm pain? I have had a problem with my elbows aching for years-this is where I always have a rash.
I also have a nagging dull ache in my shoulders, in the morning it feels like something is sitting on top of my sholders-it is hard to blow dry my hair-hard to hold my arms up. This usually goes away mid-morning.
The other thing is that every once in a while, there are sharp shooting pains in my upper arms. I also have a rash here.
Just wondering if anyone ele has this type of pain.
I wish it would go AWAY!!
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Hi Jen,

I also have arm pain. The worst pain is in my lower arms, but I also can have upper arm and neck/back pain.

At times my legs are also very painful, but my arms take the beating.
Hi Jen,

Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I can really identify with the weakness and pain you describe with your shoulders and arms, holding them above your head, it's a real challenge when flaring to even brush my hair and hang washing out.........forget it!

Is there anyway you can go to a walk in clinic or get in touch with some charities who might be able to at least assist in you seeing a doctor for a minimal charge. I note you were on Plaquenil before and it seems to have helped these symptoms for me quite a bit, they don't happen nearly as often and are not as severe when they do occur.

For the other pain not associated with weakness then are you able to at least get some anti-inflammatories prescribed? I find that OTC Ibuprofen I couldn't take but many of the prescribed ones help a lot.

sending hugs,

Hi Jen,
Yes i get this pain. Terrible sudden shooting aches in my upper arms and hands. I ahec difficulting liifting my arms aswell, not just over my head but up in front or to the side.

It really is terrible.

I am hoping thsat the plaquenil will help this for me too.

I 've been on it for about three weeks now but no change yet.

I hope you mange to get somehelp with this.
I woud definately mention this to one of your docs and make sure you emphasise how it affects your movements and abilities etc.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for your replys. I really appreciate it. It helps so much to know other people are going through the same thing. I hate to try to explain all of this to others, they just don't understand.
I am looking into the Health Department. I just took my 7 month old for free shots. I do believe that I need to be on Plaquenil again. I just can't afford the price!
Dear Jen, I hope you can solve this problem. I know exactly what you mean. I have very short hair but still find holding a hairdrier a real ordeal. Putting washing out or folding things is out too.
X Lola
Hi Jen

Just another voice to add to the throng.

My arms have caused problems for years and it is trouble because like most humans I need to use them a lot. I remember being reduced to tears after becoming very tired with the constant deep tight aching / burning. I have no visible rash, but my arms also itch like mad.

I have not done any activity that required me to raise my arms above my head for years. Sometimes I feel like a big bag of hurt from upper spine, shoulders, neck, upper arms, elbows, wrist and hands. There is so much going on up there my knees just get ignored.

I feel my arms are a little improved since Plaquenil started to work, but they still become painful and I have more or less given up trying to get rid of the pain except for taking pain killers or anit-inflammatories when it is really set in and painful.

When they are threatening to make me weepy I get into bed and sit well supported with pillows then place 2 pillows under each arm so my elbows are only slightly bent and raised to try to rest them. Sometimes place them under my knees as well. Then i put the tv on low to try to distract myself in the hope that, after a couple of pain killers take effect, I can nod off for a short while.

I have just ordered an elbow brace and a wrist brace for 'tennis elbow' and a sprained thumb off the internet in an attempt to get my left elbow / wrist under control. I think, on this ocassion, it really is tennis elbow from breaking stones with a hammer and chisel - but what can you do when it is your job?

I hope you find something to help, but if there is any way you can get hold of anit-inflammatories like lily said, it would be a good start. i find i need to take them religeously when things are really bad.

I do hope you get some help / respite soon Jen.

Take care

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