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Hi Jen

Just another voice to add to the throng.

My arms have caused problems for years and it is trouble because like most humans I need to use them a lot. I remember being reduced to tears after becoming very tired with the constant deep tight aching / burning. I have no visible rash, but my arms also itch like mad.

I have not done any activity that required me to raise my arms above my head for years. Sometimes I feel like a big bag of hurt from upper spine, shoulders, neck, upper arms, elbows, wrist and hands. There is so much going on up there my knees just get ignored.

I feel my arms are a little improved since Plaquenil started to work, but they still become painful and I have more or less given up trying to get rid of the pain except for taking pain killers or anit-inflammatories when it is really set in and painful.

When they are threatening to make me weepy I get into bed and sit well supported with pillows then place 2 pillows under each arm so my elbows are only slightly bent and raised to try to rest them. Sometimes place them under my knees as well. Then i put the tv on low to try to distract myself in the hope that, after a couple of pain killers take effect, I can nod off for a short while.

I have just ordered an elbow brace and a wrist brace for 'tennis elbow' and a sprained thumb off the internet in an attempt to get my left elbow / wrist under control. I think, on this ocassion, it really is tennis elbow from breaking stones with a hammer and chisel - but what can you do when it is your job?

I hope you find something to help, but if there is any way you can get hold of anit-inflammatories like lily said, it would be a good start. i find i need to take them religeously when things are really bad.

I do hope you get some help / respite soon Jen.

Take care

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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