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pain in the morning

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I go through periods, maybe during flaring, and as soon as my eyes open up in the morning, even just a little, the pain is spread throughout my body. It is such a hard pain to describe. If I stay in bed or try to fall back asleep, I cannot. Because the pain is so bad.

I know they say Lupus causes pain upon awakening, but I cannot understand why?

Because if I just stayed asleep, I wouldn't feel it. Although there are times when it actually wakes me up in the morning.......
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Paula, If you mean you wake up feeling as if you have splattered on concrete from a great height, then I know what you mean. I think it can be the back of ribs is the most painful.
x Lola

that was a very good discription. I feel like that too in the morning. my ribs killing me. must be a lupus thing.
Hi Paula,

Seems to be our lot :( It takes me a couple of hours in the morning to get mobile enough to do anything constructive. I drag myself out of bed, have breakfast, take my meds and try and move around a bit. After a couple of hours I figure my NSAIDS and Neurontin have kicked in enough for me to resemble a human being :hehe:

Lately I've been waking constantly from what I believe to be a carpal tunnel problem, it's creeping up on me during the day too................ain't lupie life fun :rolleyes: Without the suspected CP I manage to get a good nights sleep until I stir in the morning. I figure we are 'just' managed well enough pain-wise at night to make it through, and we are so darn tired we sleep through some pain.

I have long thought the expression 'early morning stiffness' that doctors use is really a euphamism for extreme pain .....

When I have bouts of this, a warm shower helps get me mobile again, though for hot swollen joints nothing beats cold water (though what helps the individual differs a lot)

feel better soon

Count me in too. Pain generally is my wake up call.:(

Where the pain is varies but my hips and hands pains are constant. I have discovered that I lay on my back and I lace my fingers together.( I do that in my sleep) I wake up and can hardly get them apart. I have been trying to break that habit.:rolleyes:

Lily is right all in the wonderful life of having lupus.:(

Take care everyone.

I always feel like i've been stamped on !
Could be cos i need a new bed though, had this one for 8 years and has a matress like a bag of ferrets so cant blame it all on the lupus although i blame everything else on it :rotfl:

Love Gail xx
:lol: Gail, I've got a new bed so I'm blaming it on the Lupus :hehe: Love the analogy to a bag of ferrets :rotfl:

Hi Paula

I woke up this morning feeling pretty much okay. Not much pain - just a bit of stiffness but oh my God the fatigue....., Nothing that a good half hour of 'waking up' and a strong coffee wouldnt sort out... or so I thought.. So why did I feel like an absolute 'pig' two hours later? Why did I feel like crying my eyes out all day even though I held up my end and struggled through?

Why in the heck did I wake up a few weeks ago feeling like I had been hit by a 10 tonne truck with pains in what seemed like every part of my body?

I dont have the answers Im afraid. I often wonder what the heck my body is doing or saying to me. If its talking to me then either I cant understand the language or else its saying that I can do NOTHING until I wake up and my body tells me what it can handle. Can I accept this? Unfortunately at the moment I cant because if I dont work then I will be so poor that my life would be miserable for lots of other reasons.

I sometimes wish I had the resources to stay at home and listen to what my body is saying. Life would be less painful.

Much love to you and I hope you figure it out .

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When i take my prednisone at night it seems to help a lot in the morning. I had bad morning stiffness and not so much anymore....or right now anyway. KNOCK ON WOOD!
I found going to the chiropractor helped immensely. I had 3 ribs out of place and am sleeping much better now that I've been adjusted a few times. Just a thought for folks to try.
Hmmm...I have read somewhere that sleep disorders can cause this and are common in autoimmune stuff, but dont quote me!

All I know, is that I regularly wake up in the morning and feel like someone bashed the ** out of me during the night. I must admit though, the pain I get is not enough to keep me awake most of the time. I feel so heavy and tired, and find it such a huge effort to get up. I can totally relate to what you said Joandublin. Some days I manage to 'snap' out of it, most I dont (but you still have to get on with it!).
Cant wait to have my appt now. 4wks and counting...

I know how you feel and yes lupus does hurt. I wake up in pain most of the time. You could ask your doctor for a mild pain pill to take. It helps sometimes with me but as you know what works for most or one may not work for someone else. I can tell you no one but the people in here can even imagine what you are trying to describe. I think talking with your doctor is a start.
Best of luck for relief,
:worried: Hi, Paula, so sorry that you hurt so bad, but boy can I
identify with you. For the past month or so, I havent even turned on my computer, all because I just plain hurt so bad, all over, my bones and skin,everything. I don't want to
lose my right to be on the board,my name or anything else,cuz I have been unactive, so this morning, this is my one try for today. Yes, your pain can wake you up at nite, it has to me. and I always wake up sore, some days worse than others. I just lie in the bed, turn back and forth, flex my arms, hands,etc. Then get up, and start your day by walking towards the coffee pot. It takes about two hours for me to feel fairly good. Tell your Rheumy your family
health history, and yours, then he can connect the dots.
ok, I really hurt now, just saw your name and wanted to say hi. :wink2::rolleyes: smile
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