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Hi everyone,

Well, tomorrow I have the appointment with the pain mgnmt. Dr., please say a prayer for me that all goes well and I can talk to him (her) with a level thought, and make sense. I'm not realy afraid, just anxious to get it done and get some new thoughts of what is going on with me.

Thank you all for your previous support and encouragement, it helps me so much!

I hope everyone is as well as possible!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Annada,

I'll be thinking of you and your visit to the pain doctor.

My rhuemies office is called Pain and Arthritis Management, and they do just that,, they manage my pain.
When I go to my rheumies office, they have a chart with a picture of a body front and back, that the patient has to complete on each visit. They tell you to put an "X" in the area where it hurts and to what level from 1 to 10,, 10 being the most painful.

Well, in the beginning that chart had "X's" all over the body front and back and the pain level was in the 20's. After a few months, i was able to put N/A (non applicable) on the chart, because i think they finally taught me how to manage my pain, through the right meds,, relaxation etc.

So, I'm wishing you No "X's" and ZERO pain level in the near future. :)

Good Luck :)
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