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Hello, I’m a 41m who was diagnosed with lupus , mostly clotting factors that keep me on warfarin. Over the last couple of years I’ve developed swelling in my fingers and joints when doing physical work like in the yard and carrying groceries. About six months ago I started to develop painful fingertips on my mouse hand in the pointer and thumb (i work on a pc most of the day). It’s small red blotches that come and go and it feel like needles and burning at times.

rheumatologist tried prednisone to calm it down but doesn’t seem to help. He feels it’s raynauds but it’s weird that it isn’t as much cold related as it is physical activity related.

anyone have something like this and have any suggestions? Been using a heated mouse and it’s helped a bit some days. Dr maybe wants to put me on an immunosuppressive but I’d like to avoid it if possible if this is my onlyactive thing that happens.

if anything dietary helped to I’d appreciate it. Thanks!
I have raynards. I have blue, whit fingers everyday. It can be 95 out and my fingers are blue. I recently developed ulcers. Bandaid help. Warm water.
I have a "dialater" med starts wth an N but dont recommend it. Supposed to help with circulation. I have had Lupus for 16 yrs and blue fingers from day one. I take 10 mg of prednisone for lupus but nothing has ever helped. Nitroglycerin ointment helps but most Doctors will not prescribe due to the dangers.


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