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Sorry folks, it's me again.

I just wanted to start this thread in relation to my other thread regarding diclofenac and it's problems.

I think I'm reacting quite badly to NSAID's. But in the past paracetemol seemed to treat my Lupus OK. But this was when the symptoms weren't too bad.

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience using paracetemol on a long term basis to treat their Lupus?

Also, if anyone has had adverse side effects from it?
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I think that some of us do use paracetamol in varying degrees. Personally I find it is pretty much ineffective for joint pain and many other problems I have. The only thing I do use it for are headaches and even then I need to take paracetamol + caffeine as normal paracetamol does nothing for me.

I would like to point out too that paracetamol in no way "treats" lupus. It is a painkiller.

All medication has side effects for some people. You also need to be aware that such a thing as the "nocebo" effect exists. That is where you are so worried that a med will do you harm that you actually experience symptoms from it. I think you are in very real danger of that as it seems that you stress a great deal about every single med that you take. This includes your worries about Diclofenac.

Obviously one has to be careful but, in general, when a doc prescribes a med he does so weighing up the pros and cons of doing so. Also your chemist (who, if you go to the same one regularly knows you have lupus) should be able to advise on such things and also be careful.

None of us likes taking meds unless they are necessary but worrying unduly about everything a doctor tells you or prescribes is not particularly helpful to anyone.

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HI Katherine, thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I dont think I was fully clear in my post. I'm also on Plaquenil 400mg per day.

But I find that paracetemol seems some how to have a much faster and better effect on my aches and pains than ibuprofen or dyclofenac. The latter 2 also really do seem to have a funny effect on my body and stomach!

But I also do agree with you pretty much on my stressing. Especially with the "nocebo" effect.

My Rhumy is rather happy that paracetemol calms my symptoms some what as she says that other NSAIDS can be more harmful in the long term. Therefore she advises that I take 6 paracetemols a day when things are relatively painful.

But I have heard that paracetemol may be better on the kidneys but it is worse on the liver!!

I guess everyone is different.
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Nothing is perfect but if it suits you and you have the doc's go ahead then that's great.

The only reason that I stressed that paracetamol does not "treat" lupus is because other people reading your post might misinterpret it.

My Lupus specialist in London doesn't like NSAI's he gave me Plaq but I have used paracetamol for 10yrs to take the edge off of my pain. I use it in conjunction with asprin but have to say mostly I just live in pain. be mindful of the amount you take surferboy and the time between doses. Hope you feel better soon :hug:
Hiya, not found any NSAIDs any good for my joint pain at all.. wish I had! tried quite a few. In fact paracetamol helps take the edge off a bit though I don't take regularly and I still have the the occasional ibuprofen for headaches etc, which works on that bit! I should try it if that has been advised, for a while, see how you go. In large quantities paracetamol can be harmful to the liver but think 6 a day would be ok, especially as recommended. Better luck with this medication :hehe:
Claire X
Paracetamol doesn't really work well for me. I just feel like im wasting tablets! :blush: I find ibuprofen is better. Of course, that's just me - if you find paracetamol does the trick, :wink2:.
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